Stripe It!

Who says you can’t hit it far and straight?

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Your feet are the foundation of your golf swing, so how they move has a profound effect on the rest of your swing.

To hit the ball farther, many players get too active with their lower body, which throws their swing around their body, inhibiting the proper release of the club. Remember, it’s a downswing, not an “around swing.”

Keep your back foot down until after impact, as your arms swing down and release past you and through. Even Tiger is guilty of this at times. Notice how he hits all his iron shots with his right foot on the ground but drives the ball with his right foot well up in the air. This is one of the reasons he often struggles to find fairways. Kenny Perry, on the other hand, is one of the longest, most accurate drivers of the ball. He keeps his right foot planted well into his followthrough.

Keep Your Arms wide
Good drivers have a lot of width and extension in both their takeaway and followthrough. They also continuously move their shoulders as they swing back and through. Stopping your shoulders from moving causes the arms to lift in the backswing or chop in the downswing, and that’s a recipe for disaster.

Here’s a great drill to encourage a nice, wide and proper sweeping motion. Place a medium-sized range bucket in between your arms and make half swings back and through (about hip high). Just keeping the bucket between your arms while you swing helps to maintain the distance between your hands and the center of your chest, as you turn back and through with your shoulders.

Stay Relaxed
Keeping your arms and shoulders relaxed is key for big drives. While tension slows down the swing, relaxation speeds it up and adds “whip.”
Everybody gets loose in different ways. Rocco Mediate raises his driver over his head; Tiger Woods pulls his left sleeve back and raises his arms; Sam Snead said he liked to feel “oily.” Regardless of what these men do (or have done), they each have the same purpose: to eliminate tension in their arms and shoulders, so they can swing fast and freely. Experiment with some of their mannerisms, find one that suits you and swing.


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