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Look at any great ballstriker, and you'll see an impact position with the weight well forward and the hips pushing toward the target. To prime your impact position, set up and then shift your belt buckle forward even with the instep on your front foot. As you transition into your downswing, increase the weight on your front foot as you shift your belt buckle even more forward and past the ball. Notice how my left knee is still a little bent here, indicating that I'm really pushing hard into the turf. This setup and consequent transition move will put your body in perfect position to bust it!

For longer drives, sometimes adding some length to your driver shaft can help. An extra inch can add up to 5 to 10 yards, depending on your swingspeed. But keep in mind, extra length often leads to less control and more off-center hits.

When shooting golf instruction stories, an image that's photographed from low to high is often referred to as the "hero" shot. The reason is that this perspective makes the golfer appear tall, powerful and commanding, which looks super-cool in print. When I really want to lace one, I often think of my finish image when I'm gunning for the next cover of Golf Tips magazine. I imagine standing tall, with my hips forward, chest out and shoulders back, which puts my body into full extension, indicating that I've unleashed every ounce of fury into the shot. Take this image to the course, and you'll be surprised at how ending your swing properly can add more yards to your tee shot. In addition, you'll look awe-some for your next big Instagram or Facebook photo, too!

Jeff Ritter, PGA, is a Top-25 Golf Tips Instructor and founder of the Make The Turn teaching system. For more information, visit jeffrittergolf.com.


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