Pump It Up!

Learn to crank your next drive in seconds

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We play golf standing to the side of the target line; this means you need to think of moving in a circle versus a straight line. Create a centered pivot where your knees, hips, shoulders, hands and clubhead circle around a relatively steady head. I like to feel as if my head is the sun and everything else is moving in a circular orbit around it. As you wind up to the top, feel some stretch in your arms building a nice wide arc as you try to rip your shirt. I actually can feel the left side of my shirt stretching across my torso when I really go after it. It also helps if you wear a tiny shirt!

To add some width to your turn, swing two clubs in both hands or use a weighted training aid. Start slow and make the biggest swings you can back and through. In minutes, you'll feel 10 years younger and 20 yards longer!

To really pop it out there, you need to create a high launch angle with a low spin rate. To do this, begin by teeing your ball way up. This will encourage you to produce an ascending angle of attack, helping you propel the ball upward. For most swingspeeds, this will deliver optimal results. Now that you have a high launch, you need to hit the ball on the proper spot on the face to produce a low rate of backspin. Hitting the ball too low on the clubface actually increases spin, leading to up-shooting shots that fall well short of maximum distance.

Conversely, hitting the ball high on the face, above center, does the opposite. The high-face hit is considered the club's hot spot. Find this magical combination, and you can say bye-bye to hitting first from the fairway in your group.

Is your swingspeed 85, 95, 110 mph? Many top ball companies are using high-tech ball fittings and you should definitely take advantage. Check out your favorite manufacturer's website and find the ball that's perfect for you!


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