Power Builds

Use the body you have to crush it!

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1. Golfer Type: Tall & Lanky

PLAYERS WITH TALL, lanky builds have the opportunity to create a wide, powerful swing arc. However, golfers often don’t use their physical size to their advantage. This happens because of limitations in their technique and body composition. If you’re tall and lanky and have trouble knocking it out of the park, read on and apply my tips.



Notice how far apart my arms are in the photo below? That gap, or what I refer to as a “lack of connection,” produces a loose “off-plane” swing that lacks power and consistency.

To tighten up your swing, do what I’m doing at left, “tucking” my left sleeve under my arm. Doing so keeps my arms more in sync with my torso, creating a proper blend of arms and body. Hugging your left upper arm against your chest is a key pressure point and helps maintain a sound backswing. With this simple tip, you’ll notice fast improvements in both distance and accuracy.

To better train yourself, I’ve devised a couple exercises for you to practice, either by yourself or with a friend. Place an elastic band such as a jump rope or elastic exercise tubing around both your legs and have a friend pull on it tightly, as you see here. Next, make a swing, while your friend pulls on the band. Hold with your legs while you rotate your upper body. This tension between your upper body and a resistant lower body adds stability to your swing, while producing more “snap” through the hit.

Another exercise you can practice to promote stability is a simple medicine-ball “iso-hold” squat. Hold either a weighted medicine ball, light dumbbell or kettle bell close to your body and up against your sternum. Squat down so that your upper legs are parallel to the ground. Contract your core muscles for stability, keeping your chin up and upper-body posture strong. Try to hold the position for 30-60 seconds for one to three sets.


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