Positions Of Power

Learn the secrets of the longest drivers in the world

Greg Wellong: Slugger's Extension

#11. The clubhead is approaching the ball from the inside, a must for power hitting.

His arms, hands and club are moving away from his body at impact.

His right hand and arm are beginning to get “on top” during the release, which creates clubhead rotation.

Wellong’s arms and club are clearly traveling away from his body after impact. Like a power hitter in baseball, extending the arms through the hitting area creates tremendous power. It’s also evident that the clubface is rolling closed due to a dominant right hand, which is very similar to what a top-handed baseball slugger does. The combination of hitting from the inside out and rotating the clubface creates a lot of power as well as a right-to-left shot shape. There’s no chicken wing here, which is the ultimate power killer. 

The clubhead is still visible to the right of his body. There’s no way to slice from this position.

Power Tools

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Trez Simmons: Spring Loaded

#11. Simmons moves the club with his body, not his hands—a great technique. 

Notice how Simmons’ left arm is parallel to the ground while the shaft is perpendicular to it. This position indicates a massive coil away from the ball, and you can see his entire body stretching and straining to get turned. His arms have done a fine job of remaining passive while keeping the club away from his body, which is critical for creating speed. The coil is further enhanced by his left foot position, which is firmly on the ground. This limits his hip turn and shortens his backswing.

#3 3.
The legs are playing a supporting role, solidly placed under his upper body.

A huge turn of the body and short swing of the arms is ideal.

#5 5.
A great combo: wide on the back, narrow on the way down.

SMT 455 Deep Bore

Power Tools

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