Positions Of Power

Learn the secrets of the longest drivers in the world

Sean Fister: On-Plane Force

#11. At this point in the swing, an extension of Fister’s club points at the target line, a key for accuracy.

The clubhead is slightly inside the optimum line, but that’s normal for an extreme power hitter.

Although hitting the ball as far as possible is the ultimate goal for long drivers, accuracy is still a concern, and delivering the club on the proper path and plane is the key to Fister’s consistency. There are power benefits to swinging on plane as well. A club attacking on plane has a much better chance of striking the ball in the sweet spot, which not only takes advantage of the COR benefits of modern drivers, but also creates the least amount of sidespin. Driving the club down the plane also produces a predictable, power-rich force through impact that an off-plane delivery cannot.

#44. Through impact, the clubhead again points at the target line. Solid.

Dunlop Loco Pro

Power Tools
Anyone who thinks the Dunlop LoCo Pro isn’t “crazy long”  should consult the stats of two-time champ Sean Fister.

Carl Wolter: Cleared For Takeoff

#11. The combination of a strong grip and flat left wrist close the clubface at the top.

Wolter’s hips move quite a bit on the downswing, yet they remain level.

Wolter’s hips have completely rotated open, allowing his arms to fully extend through the hitting area. Not only have the hips cleared, but they have remained level, which is key. By rotating through on a level plane, his right shoulder, arm and hip are able to continue adding power through impact. This prevents his body from getting stuck, which would limit the potential for clubhead speed by forcing him to hit only with his hands.

His hips continue to rotate, helping produce maximum clubhead speed.

His right side is completely through the shot, a move that most golfers would do well to emulate.

Alpha Reaction C830.2

Power Tools

One of the most used driver heads at all long drive events is the 100% forged titanium Alpha Reaction C830.2.

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