Positions Of Power

Learn the secrets of the longest drivers in the world

Brian Pavlet: Power Squat
#11. Pavlet’s extra-long swing length results from bending the left arm and cupping the left wrist.

Pavlet is displaying a classic, power lifter’s squat position as he starts the downswing, which helps him create enormous power. It appears he’s having a tug-of-war—which he is clearly winning—with the weight of the clubhead. This is very similar to pictures of the legendary Sam Snead at the same point in the swing. It’s important to note that Pavlet’s body is dropping slightly due to the increase in knee flex as he yanks on the handle of the club with his legs, stomach and trunk, not his hands. By primarily using his body, Pavlet can explode into the golf ball with everything he’s got.

#33. Pavlet’s squat disappears as his left leg straightens. This move creates tremendous leverage and speed.

His left leg is locked and his left arm is fully extended in a classic power position.

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Vince Ciurlini: Power Stance

#11. Ciurlini’s setup is reminiscent of a lumberjack ready to chop down a tree. Notice how far his head is  behind the ball—this is something all power hitters do to create leverage. However, Ciurlini takes it to the extreme, positioning his entire body behind the ball. He also has all the other classic elements of a power hitter’s stance, including flexed knees, feet that are wide apart, a strong grip with the entire back of the left hand visible, shoulders tilted down to the right and a head position that’s tilted away from the golf ball. With this type of setup, Ciurlini is creating a solid platform from which he can generate a huge turn and the means to move back to the ball at impact. While this technique may not produce perfect consistency, it does output a lot of raw power. If he fails to get back to the ball, “Fore left!” But when he does, “Tim-berrr!”

#22. Although he’s already set up behind the ball, Ciurlini moves even farther away from it in the takeaway.

The lateral movement of his body keeps the clubhead low to the ground. This also increases the size of his swing arc for more power.

You can’t get farther behind it than this. Although he executes a huge turn, he keeps his right knee flexed.

His turn is so big, he can barely see the ball. He’ll need a taxi to get back. He usually does, thanks to good timing and lots of practice.

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