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Learn the secrets of the longest drivers in the world

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Power PositionsRecreational golfers, top amateurs and pros have at least one thing in common—they all want to drive it long. It’s a desire all golfers have, which is why driving ranges are full of people swinging out of their shoes in the attempt to hit it higher, longer and farther. The guys who compete on the LDA (Long Drivers of America) Tour also want to hit it long, which, to them, is anything over 350 yards. Granted, most of the LDA competitors are significantly bigger and stronger than the average golfer, and can produce high swing speeds through the use of brute force. However, long drivers can’t make it through the many tiers of competition on strength alone. To hit it as far as they do, they need to employ solid, power-producing techniques. These moves are proven to work, and can be used by PGA Tour players and weekend duffers alike. And while the majority of LDA competitors have never played in a Tour event, or even tried to get through Q-School, they’re experts at producing distance. Take a close look at the “positions of power” they employ, and you, too, might learn to go deep.

David Mobley: Maximum Impact

Deep into the downswing, David Mobley retains a large amount of the angle formed between his left arm and the shaft. This allows the clubhead to accelerate all the way through the golf ball, maximizing clubhead speed. He does this by maintaining the bend in his right wrist as long as possible, which keeps his hands leading the clubhead throughout his swing. Also notice that the left leg is straightening during impact, a move that helps create the greatest distance possible between the left shoulder and the clubhead. This is a huge source of power!

#11. The significant shaft bend results from the clubhead resisting the change of direction from backswing to downswing.

Mobley doesn’t allow any power to escape from his swing. All levers are still intact without a hint of club throwaway.

This is deep! His left hand is over the ball, yet the 90° angle between the shaft and his left arm remains.

The left wrist remains flat—the perfect power delivery position for long drivers and casual golfers alike.

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