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Quick Tips To Bomb Your Next Drive

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Ben Hogan once said that he wished he had three right hands. He was referring to the sensation and speed he attained through the hitting area with his right hand and wrist. These are fast-twitch reflexive muscles that can help accelerate the clubhead through the ball, when released correctly. This also can help add a little loft to the clubhead, giving you extra carry. It also increases your flat spot, and the length of time your club is traveling down the target line. Think of Jeremy Lin nailing a three-pointer from outside the paint, with an effortless flick of his wrists. Maintain your right wrist hinge until late in your downswing, then let it go just before impact. It'll feel as if you're conserving your potential power until late in the downswing.

Most people try to keep their head down throughout the swing, or maintain their spine angle in the swing. While these are not bad thoughts, they're not totally true. They can limit the amount of possible rotation in the backswing, cutting you off from your true distance potential. In order to achieve your full range of motion, and maximum shoulder rotation, and open up your hip turn, you must learn to extend your spine in the backswing. It's much like Dick Fosbury, who revolutionized high jumping with his new method of extending backward over the high bar. Feel as if you're extending over the high bar to achieve the biggest possible shoulder turn.

Think of a high jumper before your next tee shot, and I bet you'll hit it farther!

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