Increase Your Smash Factor

Quick Tips To Bomb Your Next Drive

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Science has proven that the biggest power source in accelerating the clubhead during the golf swing is to speed up your wrists. Your wrists generate 75% of the overall speed of the clubhead. Another overlooked source of power are the arms and the role that they play in accelerating the clubhead. Getting your arms to move quickly and efficiently is a trait of many long hitters. A great drill to energize your small fast-twitch muscles in both your arms and your wrists is to swing the club upside down, back and through.

Start with only using your left hand, and concentrate on the "whoosh" sound. In the correct scenario, the whoosh should come at the lowest point of your swing arc. Do the same for your right hand, then again with both hands. This drill will help you get a sense of whipping the clubshaft through the shot, helping you to hit that next drive a few yards farther down the fairway.


One of the secrets Tiger Woods used to outdrive his competitors was to snap (extend) his left leg just before impact. Although it also required four knee surgeries for Tiger, once in a while, snapping your left knee can help you tack on a few extra yards. Think of your left leg as the pole you whip a tetherball around. If you can straighten your left leg, you have a bigger pole to whip the club around, and more room to generate speed. Also, straightening your left leg means pushing into the ground, again, helping to create torque and a faster upper-body turn. Snapping your left leg also increases the speed of your hips. Increasing the speed at which your hips open up and fire makes it easier for the upper body to increase the speed of the clubhead.

The "snap" of the left leg actually means to quickly straighten it. There's no real snapping occurring! 

To snap effectively, keep your knee flexed for as long as you can, then straighten your left leg as fast as you can and as close to impact as possible. If you straighten your left leg after impact, you're too late. The goal is to do it just before impact, helping you add some nitro to your swing speed and hit longer shots.


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