Impact: Driver Vs. Iron

Learn The Differences For Solid Contact

Impact: Hip RotationHip Rotation
One of the biggest mistakes recreational golfers make is sliding the hips laterally instead of rotating them in a counterclockwise direction (to the left for a right-handed player). The lateral slide tends to create a lot of problems that range from slicing and hooking to a lack of power. This mistake also has the potential to create physical injury as well.
The key to creating a swing that stores power and delivers it into impact is getting the hips more open than the shoulders as you deliver the club into the ball. By starting the downswing with an opening of the hips, you’ll allow the club to swing on the correct plane and attack the ball slightly from the inside. Also, clearing the hips helps maintain the correct spine angle through impact, which promotes a proper weight shift and ultimately, solid contact. Try to get your belt buckle facing the target at impact, and you should quickly see improved results.
Notice how open my hips are as the club reaches impact. This move helps create a ton of clubhead speed.

Doug Hammer is a Class A PGA Professional and Director of Instruction at Troon North Golf Club, in Scottsdale, Ariz. For more information, visit


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