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And finally, sometimes you really do have to just throw convention out the window and swing as hard as you can. Murder it, if you will. That was the case of the explosive Joe Miller, a relatively unknown competitor from the UK who dazzled at the most recent RE/MAX World Long Drive Championships and actually won the whole darn thing. And while it may have been a shock to many, his victory didn’t surprise us. Miller used every ounce of his strong, muscular body to crush his drives. In the sequence below, you can see what we mean, but there’s one photo that seems to stand out from the pack. Look at the difference from the very top of his swing to the onset of his downswing. In this frame, Miller’s hips have already begun rotating toward the target, but his upper body has barely budged. That separation between his lower-body rotation and upper-body rotation through the downswing is downright uncanny, and clearly a reason he harbors extreme power in his golf swing. As he progresses through impact, his muscles take over and he gives the ball all he’s got. And if you look at his postimpact photo, he swings so hard that his left hand has no choice but to collapse, and he chicken-wings it a bit. But really, at this point, it doesn’t matter. The ball is already 400+ yards down the fairway.

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