Get Mega Long!

Bust your drives with tips from the L.D.A

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Loose Hands=Long Drives
Was possible. Now, this doesn’t mean barely holding onto the club. You still want to hold the grip firm enough so the club doesn’t slip out of position at any point during the swing. But conversely, you want to make sure your hands remain supple, much like a strong baseball pitcher. A good pitcher can’t throw a hard fastball without adding flex to the hands and wrists, and similarly, to hit longer drives, the hands and wrists need to cock and release freely through the shot.

Practice this move as Rensburg does and keep those hands and wrists supple. You may find power you never knew you had.


Longtime top-competitor Bobby Wilson knows a thing or two about hitting long drives, so any time he dishes out some advice, it’s definitely worth listening to. One of his tricks for more power is to practice hitting powerful shots with his irons. Using a shorter club not only helps ingrain a more efficient golf swing, but also is a great way to boost one’s confidence. And wouldn’t you know—it’ll improve your iron game, as well. So next time you want to practice, grab hold of your 7-iron and get ready to start making some big swings. Concentrate on not only making solid contact, but also ramping up your swing speed through the entire swing. In other words, try to make the fastest part of your swing be the part that occurs immediately after you make contact with the ball. Using an iron will also help you stay down and keep you from overswinging and popping the body upward, which is a real power leak.

In a short while, grab your driver and give it a go. Just don’t be surprised to see your ball end up an extra few yards down the fairway.


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