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Pocket Your Elbow
The onset of the downswing is one of the most critical parts of the swing. If you mess this up, you probably won’t hit a lot of powerful shots. And while we hear a lot about what the left arm ought to do during the swing, what about the right arm?

A great way to remember what the right arm should do is to think of dropping your right elbow into your right pocket on the downswing. From the top of the swing to impact, as Tyler Kellett demonstrates, the elbow is moving downward and into the pocket. This helps you not only swing on plane, but also swing the club from inside-to-outside the target line. Which, as you know by now, is the key to hitting draws that fly and roll farther than fades or slices do.

Also of note, look how open Kellett’s hips are at impact. That’s amazing. And that right elbow? It’s still in his right pocket. Do this and maybe you’ll catch up to Kellett’s huge drives.


Another misconception, when it comes to adding power to your swing, is to think you always need a wide swing to generate power. In reality, for many long-drive hitters, including Alex DeVilling, that’s only half right. What you want is a long backswing and a tighter, more narrow forwardswing.

1. Back=Wide




5. Down=Narrow



8. Stacked!

To do this, follow DeVilling’s lead. Extend the arms on the backswing and keep the clubhead as far from your body as possible. This will add tremendous width and generate a bigger, rounder rotation of the body. That’s key for what happens next.

Once you reach the top of your backswing and make a full coil (good luck emulating this monster backswing), the trick is to harness your energy and condense that wide swing into a compact downswing. By going from wide to narrow, you’ll better leverage yourself against the ground and create the “whip” that long hitters like DeVilling have.

At impact, get wide again! Notice the extension of the arms, legs and how the shaft is stacked on top of his left leg? This is what you want, and you can’t do it from a stuffed position. Practice making wide backswings and compact forwardswings and extend the body at impact. This, folks, is how you deliver massive power.


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