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We didn’t believe it either when 16-year-old long-drive rookie, Domenic Mazza told us how old he was. We even went as far as telling him he’s got the goods to be the world’s longest hitter if he keeps at it. His runner-up finish was incredible. That said, his main key for power is an address position that allows him to make a big, monster swing into the ball.

It starts from the ground up. His feet are spread wide apart. Second, Mazza sets up with a straight back that isn’t hunched forward. His neck is also in perfect alignment with his spine, which helps him make a bigger coil.

Next, while most golfers let their arms hang freely from their shoulders at address, Mazza adds more separation by actually standing farther away from the ball. This makes the arms reach out more, creating a lot of width in the swing.

The end result is a setup position with lots of open space. And the more open space, the bigger swing you can make. And in case you were wondering what his young, powerful swing looks like, the sequence below says it all. This kid knows power. And we predict he’ll be a champion soon. Very soon, actually.


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