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Better drives come from less mind and body clutter

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Bashing drives down the fairway is the best part of golf. So says me! A great drive sets up a low score, and when you're confident with your driving game, usually the rest of your game follows suit. Now, when it comes to lending advice on better driving, I like to keep things simple and easy to understand, and the reason for that is simple. Better drives come from less mind and body clutter. The easier you think it is, the easier it becomes. So read on, and start crushing it!


LEFT: When you hang your gloved hand along the side of your body, which way do your palms face? For me, my palms tend to face toward my legs, with the thumb in front and the back of my hand facing 90ยบ from my face. Where do you hang? Check right now by standing in front of a full-length mirror and pay attention to what direction the hands face.
RIGHT: If your hand hangs with your thumbs more inward toward your body, consider that an advantage. If your hand hangs any other way, you want to make a modification to your grip so you can add more power to your tee shots. The ideal "hang" is pictured in the above photo, with the thumb inward and the back of your hand facing the golf ball.

If you grip the club the way the hands naturally hang, you'll most likely have a weak, flimsy grip on the club like you see me demonstrating here. A weak grip not only leads to shorter shots, it sometimes leads to high ballflights and extra slice-spin.

Add power by gripping the club with a more powerful left-hand position. Just remember, turn the hands first, then grip the club. Don't grip it, then turn the hands. And, as for the left hand, get it a little more under the right for a boost of horsepower.


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