Formulas For Power

Maximize your distance by learning the methods of some of the Tour?s longest hitters

Left Hip Barrier Flat Wrist Drill
A good way to instill a flat left wrist like K.J. Choi does, and produce more powerful strikes, is to place a comb in the watchband of your glove hand. By doing so, the lower portion of the left arm is made fairly rigid. With the comb in position, make several short practice swings to establish the sensation of the new position. Begin slowly to minimize the discomfort caused by the presence of the comb in your wrist.

(HL ≥ 20°)+LL=180°) = P
open left hip and straight left leg = power
Jonathan Byrd

The best pivot through impact on the PGA Tour may belong to Jonathan Byrd. As he approaches the ball, his left hip begins to open, or “clear,” which pulls his weight into his left heel and starts to straighten his left leg. There’s no lateral motion in the left hip during impact, only rotation. This rotation allows him to hit “against” a firm left side and unleash his arms and club into the ball. His left hip and leg look much like a home-run hitter in baseball, and his ability to create power is similar.

Left Hip Barrier Drill
The purpose of this drill is to feel how the left hip should rotate on the downswing and into the finish. Using a golf bag with a stand as a barrier, place the bag slightly outside your left hip at setup. On the downswing, your left hip should turn, not slide, inside the headcovers on the woods without making contact with them and continue into the finish. This will help ingrain the feel of the proper hip rotation in the downswing and create more power.

PGA Professional Brady Riggs teaches at Woodley Lakes G.C. in Van  Nuys, Calif.


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