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Hitting longer and straighter drives can be easy as long as you have the right fundamentals

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DRILL! Sync It Together
A great way to practice holding your triangle is to take the playground ball again, put it between your elbows and rehearse your backswing. This helps you get a better feeling for a circular, body-driven swing, not a handsy, arms- driven up-and-down golf swing.

Manage Your Trunk
Like most golfers, you want to make as big a backswing as you can to maximize your power. And let's say you managed to not slide or sway your lower body. That's great, but you have to do the same for the upper! Try not to drift the upper body too far away from the golf ball. Doing this not only robs power, but also makes hitting consistent shots a lot more difficult. Instead, try to keep your head stable just behind the ball as you swing.

Also, it's not uncommon to see golfers try to lift the club up by lifting their entire body upward. As you may have guessed, this is a big mistake. Keep your spine angle, meaning the upper-body lean toward the ball, intact as you take the club back and as you swing through. Any lifting or pulling upward will only make it more difficult to hit longer, straighter tee shots.

DRILL! Don't Drop The Ball
Unless your name is Davis Love III, a flying right elbow is going to rob you of rotary power. To help stay more connected, use that playground ball between your elbows. Make a backswing, and don't let it fall. You'll see what I mean with just one try.

EXTEND Effectively
When you hear someone say you need to "extend more effectively," what do you think that means? Truth is, telling someone to extend their arms better is a little misleading. Reason being, no matter how hard you try, if you're not rotating the body through the downswing, you'll never have any luck at making a full extension of the arms! 

Check out the two photos to the right. The key to my ability to extend my arms through the hit (which adds a lot more power than the dreaded chicken wing, lower right) is my body rotation. Just before impact, look at how open my hips are. And through impact, my hips and upper body are nearly facing the target. This makes extending the arms through the shot a breeze. My left leg is also rock solid, making it easier for my upper body to rotate.

Give it a try yourself and work on extending your arms more effectively. Only, don't focus so much on your arms; pay more attention to how effectively you rotate through the hit. You'll hit better shots!

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