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Hit monster tee shots and keep them in the short stuff

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No, I'm not training for an upcoming fight. I'm making a fist and a punching motion, which looks a lot like how I want my students' left hand to look at the top of their swings. Getting your left wrist into a "hitting" position at the top of the backswing provides a couple things: a shorter backswing, which results in a stable motion; and a square clubface, which is necessary if you want to consistently deliver a square hit at impact. And, really, who doesn't want to do that? Go ahead, make a swing without a club and feel that punch. Then grip the club and remember that feeling!


If you want to really power your drives, then you need to develop a wide arc in your backswing. I like to think of it as playing "keep-away." What do I mean? Well, in this case, I'm trying to keep the shaft far away from my right shoulder into the top of my backswing, versus having my arms and shaft folded or collapsed in close. As we've seen with big-hitting players like Bubba Watson, the wider that arc, the bigger the drives. Try this on the range a bunch because it'll feel strange at first, and if you don't already have a good exercise and stretching routine, then I highly suggest implementing one. You'll need it to play "keep-away."

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