Drive It A Mile

Add distance with long drive secrets, featuring Sean "The Beast" Fister, 5-time winner Jason Zuback and 11 more of the world's longest hitters

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drive it a mileJason Zuback
One element I found all long hitters have in common is that they swing around a central axis. It’s okay to move a bit off the ball in the backswing, but if you want to transfer the maximum amount of power into the ball, you can’t sway too far back or forward. Also, you must get your right side all the way through the shot. Notice how my right shoulder and hip are shooting toward the target. This is a must!

There are a lot of elements that go into creating power, but none are more important than good balance and plenty of explosive torque.

drive it a miledrive it a miledrive it a miledrive it a mile
Setup Is Key I always tee the ball well forward in my stance. This allows me to hit it with an ascending blow.No Roll Allowed Notice how my right wrist hasn’t broken down in the takeaway. This is a strong position. A Wide Arc My arms are fully extended, which creates a wide arc for the club to travel along.Turn, Turn, Turn I’m not the most flexible person, but my shoulders are clearly working around my body.
drive it a miledrive it a miledrive it a miledrive it a mile
Shift Your Weight A lot of players place too much weight on their front side. Here it’s moved to my right leg.Go Long The club is well past parallel, but that’s okay with me. This makes my swing longer and more powerful.Squatting Rights Notice how both knees are bent in a squatting position. Tiger Woods makes this same move.In Storage I’ve retained the angle between the shaft and my left arm well. This stores energy until I release it.
drive it a miledrive it a miledrive it a miledrive it a mile
Post Up A lot of players let their front leg buckle, which is a big mistake. Here my left leg is posted up nicely.Stay Behind It You can clearly see that my head is behind where the ball was at impact. This creates leverage.Knockout Punch My right side has powered all the way through the shot, like a boxer’s knockout blow.Balance Is Key You don’t want to fall down after impact. It looks bad and actually drains your transfer of energy.


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