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Clayton BurgerClayton Burger
2003 World Long Drive Champion
Since I have a baseball background, I tend to flare my forward foot (as shown above) to encourage the needed weight shift and rotation toward my left side during the swing. Also, notice how my right foot isn’t flared at all. This enables me to build tremendous torque at the top of my backswing, much like a spring coiled up tightly. From here I turn and let the spring loose!

Vince HowellVince Howell
2002 Long Drivers Of America Tour Championship Winner
To really hammer it, you have to leverage the upper body against the lower body. This means, as the lower body stops on the backswing, the upper body keeps moving to produce torque. That way, on the downswing, the upper body can fire into the lower body for powerful drives.

Power Tools
Golfers looking for an online resource devoted to hitting golf balls 400+ yards should consider, the Website of longtime Golf Tips contributor and champion long driver, Art Sellinger. On Sellinger’s Website, visitors can special order custom-assembled drivers with their choice of clubhead, shaft and grips. Also, golfers can select from an assortment of accessories and fun stuff that carry the LDA (Long Drivers of America) logo.

However, that’s not the best part. Golfers can actually submit a DVD or VHS cassette of their golf swing that will be analyzed by the long driving legend himself, Art Sellinger. In addition to replying with an e-mailed critique of the golf swing, Sellinger arms each golfer with a series of drills and tips to further enhance their distance and lower their golf scores. Such customized golf instruction usually comes at a premium, but Sellinger charges less than $40, a fraction of what other high-profile instructors charge. In short, it won’t cost much if you want to go long.

Take it from us, we strongly advise you act on Mr. Sellinger’s offer and send in a copy of your swing. No doubt one of the longest hitters in the world can help you  add a few more yards and even find the right driver too!


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