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Hit bigger drives with the help of the game's longest drivers

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You won’t be able to create power if your body is static during the swing. You have to learn to shift your weight back and forward.  
Matt Mcdonald
A lot of players I see don’t hit the ball nearly as far as they could for the simple reason that they don’t move dynamically during the swing. In the photos above, you can see a simple drill I like to do to help promote a better weight shift. Basically I put my feet together at address, then shift my weight to my back foot in the backswing and step forward with my front foot as I prepare to shift my weight forward. It’s simple but it really works.

Don’t change your swing to hit it higher or lower. Just adjust your ball position.
David Mobley
Hitting the long ball effectively requires more than just swinging hard. You have to know what type of drive a particular hole demands and then execute. To accomplish this, all you have to do is make small adjustments to your ball position. Want to hit it higher, move the ball forward slightly. Lower? Try moving it back a bit. To hit different shots (high, regular, low), you don’t have to worry about making difficult adjustments to your swing. Instead, experiment with different ball positions and keep your swing the same for each.

Staying loose helps you maintain a better rhythm. You never want to tense up during your swing.
Jesse Petterson
I can’t get into the position I’m in in the lower bottom photo if I’m all tensed up during the swing. Rather, I think it’s critical to stay as loose as possible. By loose, I mean loose in the right places. The shoulders, arms and upper body have to remain flexible, but the lower body, the real power source, has to serve as a rock-solid foundation. This formula (upper loose, lower firm) is what helps me nail drives out there to the 400-yard mark and beyond.


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