Crush It!

Hit bigger drives with the help of the game's longest drivers

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No matter what, you have to have a good grip if you want to hit the ball a long way.

Mikael Lindblom
There’s no excuse for anyone to have a bad grip! The grip is not only often overlooked, it’s also one of the easiest things to master in the golf swing.For a powerful one, look no further than your fingers. By gripping more toward the fingers, you’ll encourage a faster release of the hands through impact. See my photo? My wrists are loaded and ready to release. I couldn’t be in this position if I were gripping the club in my palms.

Use your lower body to kick-start your downswing and increase your speed.
Tom Roskos

Look, I don’t crush it because I spend all day in the gym. Well, at least that’s not the only reason why I hit it far. Power also comes from knowing how to effectively transfer your weight through the golf ball. To do that, one has to learn to rotate the lower body and get off that right leg during the downswing. I practice this by holding a driver across my shoulders and “firing” my hips toward the target as I initiate my downswing. Remember, the downswing is led by the lower body weight transfer, not by those 20-inch biceps like Zuback has. Set, load and shift that lower body. You’ll see bigger drives in no time.

I try to get as much full extension as I can in the backswing and then plenty of lag in the downswing.
Ryan Hixson/Military Division
One of my big keys to maximum distance is getting fully extended in the backswing. You can see how far my arms and hands are from my body—this is a great way to make your swing arc as large as possible. Once I get to the top of the swing, I then simply try to store as much power as I can in the shaft of the club by creating lag on the way down, and brace against my left quad as I approach impact. Notice my full finish with my left foot off the ground—this also is key.


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