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Hit bigger drives with the help of the game's longest drivers

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Vince Cirulini
When it comes to the golf swing, I’m a speed fanatic. In fact, I’m a believer that you should accelerate your downswing all the way to the finish! A lot of weaker hitters tend to accelerate up until they make impact and quickly start to decelerate through the rest of their swing. Some golfers even start decelerating before impact. I’m here to tell you the key for more power comes from constant acceleration. And by acceleration, I mean a buildup of speed. Don’t start fast and then go slow. Start slow and work your way to full speed all the way into the finish.

Accelerate for power. Let your body build up swing speed all the way to the finish position.

If you want to hit the ball with maximum power, you have to keep your feet firmly on the ground
Landon Colling
Get down! No really, I mean it. The key to my power is two things. First, at the top of my swing, my first move is to drop my hands down, while retaining a strong left arm. Second, I trigger my weight into the ball of my right foot. This force then activates my right knee forward and drives my hip turn through the ball. By remembering to move downward from the top position, I start the chain of events that eventually helps me hit the ball by using my bigger, stronger leg muscles. Give it a try. I’ll bet you hit bigger drives in no time.

Power comes from the lower body, not the hands and arms. Activate your legs, and you’ll swing faster.

Mike Dobbyn

If you want to blast the ball like the ’07 World Champ (aka, me), you have to be patient with your golf swing. Too often, I see golfers try to start their downswing not only too quickly, but too soon as well. This leads to a lack of power, not to mention problems with balance and so on. Instead, let your backswing do its job and let your shoulders turn as far away as they can from the ball. By staying patient, you’ll harness more swing speed.

Finish your backswing so your shoulders can fully rotate away from the target. You’ll get a lot more power. 
Rynardt Combrink
One of the common mistakes I see from people who lack distance is they flare their back foot (my right) out too far. The right foot has to be a solid foundation to build your backswing upon, and if your foot is turned out, you’ll lose power.  You might sway, and who knows what other ugliness might ensue. To fix yourself, set that right foot perpendicular to the target. Doing so will add a ton of torque to your backswing for more power.


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