Crush It!

Hit bigger drives with the help of the game's longest drivers

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Jason Zuback
My swing is unusual. Strange. Some have called it downright “freakish.” As out there as it may be, I didn’t become five-time champ by worrying about how it looks. Instead, I concentrate on only a few things such as weight shift.  A good weight shift occurs naturally without excessive sliding. In fact, sliding is a real power-killer. To prevent it, try emulating my position in the upper right-hand photo. See how my knees are flexed and pointing away from each other? This position prevents swaying and helps me harness the power of a good weight shift. Boom!


Work on shifting and not sliding your weight. You can do this by adding some more flex in your knees.

Big power comes from big swing arcs. Extend those arms and you’ll increase your speed and power.
Sean “the beast” Fister
So you want to grip it and rip it, huh? Let me tell you what. We don’t hit 400-yard drives right away. We warm up like any professional athlete would. In my case, I’m a big believer in using a heavy golf club. It loosens the larger muscles, strengthens the smaller muscles and helps with my rhythm and tempo. Once I’m warmed up, I work on making  balanced swings and extending my arms through impact. Extended arms means my arc is as big as it can be for maximum clubhead speed. Think of it like this: “You want to hit it deep and wide? Your arc needs to be deep and wide as well.”


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