Crush It!

Hit bigger drives with the help of the game's longest drivers

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Strength and speed are great if you have them, but any player can produce added power with proper mechanics and good balance.


Tee It High This sounds pretty basic, but if you want to achieve the proper launch, you can’t be afraid to tee it plenty high. 
Low and Slow A lot of players make the mistake of picking the club up quickly, which reduces the swing arc.   
Full Extension You’ve got to make your swing arc as big as possible if you want to create maximum speed.  
Shoulders Are Key You can’t let your arms do all the work. Try to get your shoulders turning around your spine.  

Weighty Matters Don’t let your body weight get stranded on your front side. Feel it in your right thigh and heel.  
Max Out This is
a lot like John Daly in his prime. If you can keep turning so the clubshaft goes past parallel, do it!  
Store It Up Look at the angle between the clubshaft and right wrist. That’s a ton of power being saved up for impact.  
Don’t Cast That angle is still there though the arms have moved in front of the body. This is awesome storage.  

Get Leverage Storing power won’t help you if you don’t hit against a fixed position, like a
firm left side.  
Let it go There’s no hold back here! The club is moving straight down the target line with no holding on. 

Keep it going If you quit on the shot, you’ll rob yourself of power. Keep that right side moving through the swing. 
Comfort Zone
A balanced finish shows you’ve made a swing with good mechanics and efficient energy transfer.


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