Body Drive

Quick methods to add serious power to your tee shots

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Jim McLean got it right when he said that power comes from the difference in turn between the hips and the shoulders. In essence, the greater the angle between your hips and shoulders, the greater torque your body has to unwind and unleash force into the golf ball. I like to think that it's not just at the top where the X Factor comes into play. At impact, the hips should outturn the shoulders, further indicating that the body has built-in resistance that helps make it easier to swing the club faster.

Try the drill I'm doing in these photos. Hold a club and lift and turn both legs, one at time, holding the club as best you can in front of you with your arms extended. It will seem difficult at first, but with practice, you'll ingrain a powerful X Factor in your swing and be on your way to longer, more powerful drives.

Zach Allen, PGA, teaches at DeBell GC in Burbank, California. He recently was awarded "Southern California Teacher of the Year for the Metro Section." Visit

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