Former Oakmont Pro Joins Nemacolin Golf Academy

Nemacolin Woodlands Resort – the acclaimed luxury resort in the Laurel Highlands of southwestern Pennsylvania – announces its Golf Academy has become one of the premier teaching facilities in the U.S. while led by its new director of instruction, Eric Johnson. Johnson, one of GOLF Magazine’s “Top 100 Teachers in America,” arrived at Nemacolin just days Read more…

Mind Power

Apply my Five Cs for competitive golf and bring some mental power to your game

If you don’t think professional golfers play under considerable pressure, then you may not have seen this year’s major championships.

The Keys to Speed and Power

Swing ‘Uphill’ and ‘Downhill’ For Greater Distance

As a teacher, one of the things that comes up the most is the desire for more speed and power in the golf swing. More distance! I was once told that Russian sprinters employed a simple technique as part of their training: Run uphill to get stronger and run downhill to get faster. It was Read more…

Taking It To The Course

The Shots Of The Masters

No tournament is quite like the Masters. And although no course is like Augusta National, PGA Pro Jeff Ritter finds that his new home course of Poppy Hills comes close — close enough for him to show how he would approach every kind of shot situation were he teeing it at “The Toonamint.” And how you can, too.

Feel The Need For Putting Speed Control

‘Toss’ This Golf Tip Into Your Bag Of Drills

Do you ever wonder why you see Jordan Spieth looking up at the hole while he putts rather than looking down at the ball? This technique will help with speed control with your putts. The premise of this drill comes from our basic hand eye coordination of tossing or rolling a ball (Photo 1). Your eyes Read more…

The Knuckle Ball Flop Shot

Keep An Open Face For A Soft Landing

How do top-tier pros like Phil Mickelson pull off those amazing flop shots time after time? And what situation warrants this kind of pretty, delicate shot in the first place? The flop shot is useful when you’ve got little green to work with. For instance, if you’re just off the side of a green with Read more…

The Big Putting Split

Putting is a puzzle. Always has been, mostly because almost every golfer on the planet is making it much harder than it needs to be. Do I mean to say you’re doing it wrong? Yes, I do. Think about it. You spend hours using alignment aids and grips to get the putter head to move Read more…

Solid Chip Shots Every Time

Tools To Shore Up Your Short Game

A solid short game is the linchpin of great golf. Even the top pros miss the green quite often, which is why they work so hard on those vital up-and-down opportunities to save par. I can’t emphasize enough how this part of your game should be at the center of your practice routine, and it Read more…

An ‘Edgy’ Bunker Shot

Sometimes we end up in lies on the very edge of the bunkers that have a little bit of grass and sand mixture. These lies are very unpredictable, and even if there’s little to no lip to deal with, advancing the ball in the direction and distance you want to takes some careful consideration and Read more…

Lift The Heel For Better Golf Shots

Old School Move Meets New Technology

In looking at the greats of the game from yesteryear, many players lift the heel — the lead heel, that is — on the backswing and then slammed it down again to start the downswing motion. With the advent of technology such as Swing Catalyst balance plates, we can now see and measure the kinetics of Read more…