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Golf Instruction

Master the most difficult shots and learn long drive secrets with our golf instruction articles. Our online golf lessons will help you transform your game.

My Favorite Tips And Drills

Quick tips and easy drills to finish the year with your best golf

My Favorite Tips And DrillsJust because the golf season is near a close, there’s still plenty of work to do if you want to keep your swing fresh and up to par for the next golf season.

Mind Power

Apply my Five Cs for competitive golf and bring some mental power to your game

Mind PowerIf you don't think professional golfers play under considerable pressure, then you may not have seen this year’s major championships.

Power Shots

Shape Your Long Ball

Power ShotsThe key to hitting the golf ball a long way is to generate significant clubhead speed and make solid contact.

Rough And Tough Shots

Escape Tough Lies With Ease

Rough And Tough ShotsWhen your ball finds the deep rough like the position I’m in here, the smart play almost always is to take a higher-lofted club and either lay up or pitch the ball back into the fairway.

Power Sports

"Play" other sports to improve your golf game!

Power SportsGolf, by its very nature, is like a variety of sports. As in other sports where you’re required to kick, throw, hurl or hit an object, in golf, we use a rotational motion that’s leveraged against the ground, which produces a powerful circular, free-flowing swing.

Power Fundamentals

Get ready to hit it big

Power FundamentalsSetting up with the ball in the right position is absolutely vital if you want to hit it big.

Power Builds

Use the body you have to crush it!

Power BuildsSetting up with the ball in the right position is absolutely vital if you want to hit it big.

Power Tips & Drills

Learn to hit it big with my 10 simple drills and tips

Power Tips & DrillsAt the top of your swing, if your body doesn’t rotate properly so that your weight and balance are too much on your left side, (so that your body resembles a “C”), you’ll not only lose a lot of power, but also slice or pull your shots.

Putt 4 Dough

Drain Putts From All Over The Green

Putt 4 DoughLine up three balls about 10 feet from the cup.

Save More Pars

Get Up And Down More Often

Save More ParsThe best way to chip the golf ball isn’t the way you might have been taught. In fact, chipping is arguably the most misunderstood aspect of scoring, mainly because there are countless ways to get the job done.

Knock It Stiff

When To Go for It, When To Play It Safe

Knock It StiffYou might be asking yourself why I’m not aiming at the green on this shot. I’ll give you a hint: See all that blue stuff? I don’t want my ball to go in it!

Score From The Sand

Get up and down every time

Score From The SandHow you grip the club can greatly influence the type of shot you want to hit.

Drive 4 Show

Hit It Big And Hit The Fairway

Drive 4 ShowTop shots happen when you lose the spine angle you established at address and “stand up” as you approach the ball.

Hit More Greens

Make Consistent Contact With Your Irons

Hit More GreensThe connection between the hands and clubhead is critically important.

Never Lay Up!

Make Solid Contact With Your Hybrids And Fairway Woods

Never Lay Up!Here I'm addressing the ball and making a swing with two different clubs, an 8-iron and a hybrid.

Play Like A Pro

11 Tips To Help You Play Your Best

Play Like A ProEvery week, TV audiences are mesmerized by PGA Tour pros. It’s easy to understand why.

2010 Training Aids Buyer's Guide

2010 Training Aids Buyer's Guide

Chip Shots

Save strokes from just off the green

Chip ShotsOne of the reasons the world’s best players are so good is that they have stellar short games.

Putting Absolutes

Drain It From Everywhere

Putting AbsolutesWhen it comes to putting, personal preference almost always wins.

Trouble Shots

Don't Let Some Bad Breaks Ruin Your Round

Trouble ShotsGolf is a lot like life. Some days everything comes easily; other days nothing seems to go your way.

Bad Lies

Make clean contact no matter how difficult your lie

Bad LiesThe key to this shot is to choke down on the club far enough—all the way to the shaft—if necessary

Bunker Escapes

Get Out and Onto The Green

Bunker EscapesWhen it comes to bunkers, amateurs fear them far more often than do touring professionals.

Fix Your Game

...While You Play

Fix Your GameWhen you’re on the course and your game starts to fall apart, what should you do?

Hybrid Basics

Learn how to hit your utility club

Hybrid BasicsHybrid clubs are incredibly useful, so long as you know how to swing one.

5 Shots 1 Club

(Sand Wedge, That Is)

5 Shots 1 ClubThe most successful golfers are the most creative ones. (Consider how inventive Phil Mickelson is when his tee shots get him in trouble.)