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Golf Instruction

Master the most difficult shots and learn long drive secrets with our golf instruction articles. Our online golf lessons will help you transform your game.

Old School Rescue

Use your sand wedge to escape all kinds of greenside lies

Old School RescueWhile a buried bunker lie might be a bad break, it’s certainly not impossible to get it up and down from here.

Make An Impact

Add distance by making good contact

Make An ImpactLike most golfers, you probably want to hit the ball farther. Seems no matter how far we crush it, there's always room to hit it a few more yards down the fairway.

Two Tips For More One-Putts

Lower your scores now!

Two Tips For More One-PuttsIf your distance control is good on lag putts, you should leave yourself a lot of short second putts.

Deck The Driver

Beat the ball off the fairway with your driver

Deck The DriverLet’s face it. The driver used to be placed off the deck a lot more often than it is now.

Learning From Lefty

Strengthen your left side for better contact and bigger distance

Learning From LeftyI might be a left-handed lad from Leicestershire, England, but I know what it’s like to swing from the right side.

Iron Power

Hit your irons prodigious lenghts

Iron PowerMost people don’t think “power” when it comes to iron play, but as with any shot on the golf course, more power can help you a lot more than it can hurt you.

Slice Killers!

Quick tips to help eliminate the dreaded banana ball once and for all

Slice Killers!Ever wonder what causes a slice to curve? Either your hands don’t rotate enough and you hit the ball with an open face, or you have an out-to-inside swing path.

7 Faults Most Amateurs Make

and the quick tips to cure them

7 Faults Most Amateurs Make Here’s something to look for the next time you watch a professional golf tournament: Notice how, on great shots, the pros hold their finish and how, on bad shots, they don’t. Why’s this worth noting?

Get Mega Long!

Bust your drives with tips from the L.D.A

Get Mega Long!Let's face it, golfers who hit the ball farther have a huge advantage over those who don’t.

Throw Some Sand

And escape the bunker

Throw Some SandOne of the reasons so many folks struggle from the sand is that they don’t understand the importance of an open face at impact.

Rickie Fowler

The PGA Tour’s 2010 Rookie of the Year swings as aggressively as he looks

Rickie FowlerNow that Phil Mickelson, Ernie Els and Jim Furyk have all had their 40th birthday, and Tiger Woods’ image seems irreparable, the PGA Tour needs some exciting, new (and young) talent to excite audiences.

Storm Down

Pump your left leg for bigger drives

Storm DownTo hit longer drives, you have to get aggressive.

Posture Perfection

Address the ball the right way

Posture PerfectionBetter golfers know that to swing the club consistently on plane, the secret is to avoid having an address position that causes you to lift the club up at the top of your swing.

Knock It Tight!

Six Tips To Get Up And Down

Knock It Tight!My good friend and mentor Mike LaBauve once told me a story about watching Greg Norman practice at the U.S. Open.

The 4-Step Putting Routine

Far easy steps to drain more putts

The 4-Step Putting RoutineIf you don’t prepare correctly, odds are, no matter how good you read the greens or how fluid your stroke may be, you may still find yourself missing putts.


Quick tips for better iron play

IronworksBetter iron play is at the heart of game improvement. It’s the center link of the golfing chain, and without a strong link in the middle, playing your best becomes an arduous, if not very frustrating, task.

Closed, Open, Square

Control your pitch shots by practicing with your 8-iron

Closed, Open, SquareBetter iron play is at the heart of game improvement. It’s the center link of the golfing chain, and without a strong link in the middle, playing your best becomes an arduous, if not very frustrating, task.

Get Fit!

Match the right putter to your stroke

Get Fit!The other day, I was reading through a club company’s literature and saw that they were offering 15 different putter models for their 2011 line.

Four Moves To Stack & Tilt

What you don’t know about our system will change the way you look at the golf swing

Four Moves To Stack & Tilt2010 was a very good year for Stack and Tilt gurus, Mike Bennett and Andy Plummer.

Drop 10 Strokes In 10 Minutes

Score your best in 2011, quickly!

Drop 10 Strokes In 10 MinutesIt’s a new year. It’s a new you. It’s time to kick those bad swing habits and make 2011 the year you play your best golf ever.

Alvaro Quiros

Learn how to increase your clubhead speed from one of the game’s longest drivers

Alvaro QuirosTake a survey of golfers anywhere in the world, asking what they’d most like to improve about their game, and you’ll get the same overwhelming response: They want to hit the ball farther.

Outdraw The (Slice) Outlaw

Draw your driver, and never slice again!

Outdraw The (Slice) OutlawWithout question, the draw is golf’s most difficult shot for players to learn.

From 150 Yards Out

Knock it stiff on your approach shots—no matter what the lie

From 150 Yards OutHere’s the good news: You’ve just hit your drive to within 150 yards of the green.

Fit To Be Tee'd

A look inside the TPI fitting experience

Fit To Be Tee'dIf a picture is worth a thousand words, what does two-angle video reveal?

My Favorite Tips And Drills

Quick tips and easy drills to finish the year with your best golf

My Favorite Tips And DrillsJust because the golf season is near a close, there’s still plenty of work to do if you want to keep your swing fresh and up to par for the next golf season.