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Golf Instruction

Master the most difficult shots and learn long drive secrets with our golf instruction articles. Our online golf lessons will help you transform your game.

Check Your Hinge

Gain yards with this simple drill

Check Your Hinge What I like to do is rehearse a simple yet effective drill.

Greenside Greatness

Get up and down when you’re just off the green

Greenside GreatnessAs you can see here, I've got a 40-yard bunker shot, which is arguably one of the game's hardest tests. I'll show you two ways to play it, depending on the kind of sand that you find in the bunke

Grip It Right

Gripping the putter correctly will improve your contact

Grip It RightA proper putting grip is one where you grip the club in the palm of your hand, not in the fingers.

Mind The Gap

How high should you tee it?

Mind The Gapif you really want to hit longer and straighter drives, you have to remember a couple key variables.

Build An Athletic Golf Swing

Sporting goods and household items are the key to a softer swing!

Build An Athletic Golf SwingIf anyone has ever told you that the golf swing is an athletic move, they're right.

The Putt-Chip Shot

"Putt" your chips to get up and down

The Putt-Chip ShotThe putt-chip is a shot that I encourage all of my students to learn at our golf school.

Steve Marino

Unorthodox swing, classic impact

Steve MarinoLooking at this beautiful impact position of Steve Marino, you'd think he possessed a classic swing.

Give Your Swing A Tune Up

Fix your swing faults and lower your score in 30 minutes

Give Your Swing A Tune UpIt's already the middle of the golf season, and I'm sure some of you are finding yourselves stuck in a rut.

Slice No More

Land in the fairway every time

Slice No MoreHitting a big, weak slice is never any fun.

Clap Your Hands

Find the proper impact position

Clap Your HandsMost of the time, when we hear of a player collapsing under the pressure of tournament golf, the breakdown happens somewhere late in the event.

“L” to “L”

Don't think, just swing

“L” to “L”There are a lot of things wrong with golf instruction today, of which, I think much of the emphasis is put on the parts of the swing that happen too fast.

Iron Play Simplified

Perfect contact is easy

Iron Play SimplifiedLet’s make things easier, shall we?

Quick Tips To Play Better

Get better, fast!

Quick Tips To Play BetterIf you want to dial in your chips and pitch shots, you have to learn to swing with the bigger muscles, not the smaller ones.

The Other Game

If you want to be a complete golfer, you have to become a masterful putter

The Other GameTo paraphrase Ben Hogan, golf is two games, the full swing and putting.

Stripe Your Chips

Line up a range ball for perfect contact

Stripe Your ChipsWhen it comes to hitting short shots from just off the green, many of my students tend to neglect some basic swing fundamentals.

The Downswing

Trevor Immelman, Kevin Na and Paul Goydos demonstrate how to swing from the top to the finish

The DownswingKevin Na generates power from his upper body, in particular, his arms and hands.

Making Crisp Chipping Contact

Two tips for better chipping contact

Making Crisp Chipping ContactThe chip shot might seem like a simple motion, so why do so many golfers complicate it with added movements?

Tips From The Tour

Learn From The Best

Tips From The TourWant to play like a PGA Tour player? You have to practice. Every photo in this story was taken while these players were working hard on the practice tee.

Learn Like A Pro

So you can play like one

Learn Like A ProAs an instructor, I have had the privilege to work with Paige Mackenzie since the winter of 2008.

Drive Time

Hitting longer and straighter drives can be easy as long as you have the right fundamentals

Drive TimeMost golf instructors agree that the best way to become a better golfer is to start from the ground up. It's not something most golfers think about, but in reality, the ground is critical to helping create more power.

Tips For Sticks

If you’re a low-handicapper, here’s how to fix your most common faults

Tips For SticksGood golfers often struggle with very different problems than average golfers.

Squeeze The Tube

Hold the club with the right grip pressure

Squeeze The TubeOne of the most overlooked components of the golf swing is how firm or soft you should hold the club in your hands.

Old School Rescue

Use your sand wedge to escape all kinds of greenside lies

Old School RescueWhile a buried bunker lie might be a bad break, it’s certainly not impossible to get it up and down from here.

Make An Impact

Add distance by making good contact

Make An ImpactLike most golfers, you probably want to hit the ball farther. Seems no matter how far we crush it, there's always room to hit it a few more yards down the fairway.

Two Tips For More One-Putts

Lower your scores now!

Two Tips For More One-PuttsIf your distance control is good on lag putts, you should leave yourself a lot of short second putts.