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Golf Instruction

Master the most difficult shots and learn long drive secrets with our golf instruction articles. Our online golf lessons will help you transform your game.

The Swing & Body Connection

Learn how to get closer to your ideal swing

The Swing & Body ConnectionC Posture directly affects a golfer's ability to pivot correctly during the swing, causing the club to swing off-plane.

Just Think About...

Great tips for keeping it simple

Just Think About...To play better, try and think less. That doesn't mean shut your brain off completely.

Use Your Senses

Putt better with a cleaner mind

Use Your SensesIf you think the secret to lower scores is to hit hundreds of golf balls out on the practice tee, I have news for you: It isn't.

Play Like A Pro!

10 Tips To Help You Play Your Best

Play Like A Pro!Every week, TV audiences are mesmerized by PGA Tour pros

Slice Control

Sometimes the best way to cure a slice is to embrace it

Slice ControlHitting a slice isn't all bad.

Mind Games

How to train your brain for better golf

Mind GamesWhat separates the great players from the really good ones?

Tee Shots 101

Start each hole the right way

Tee Shots 101Short par-3s generally don't intimidate most golfers unless there's some sort of forced carry and/or a small green to contend with.

Tee Party

Putt it the right distance!

Tee PartyIf you're struggling with your distance control and three-putting, sometimes the best practice is to rehearse a simple drill that takes the focus off the hole and onto a different end goal.

Between The Ears

Better golf by making better decisions

Between The EarsAre you ready to start playing your best golf?

Mistakes We Sometimes Make

Simple fixes for common faults

Mistakes We Sometimes MakeWe all make mistakes.

Short Game Strokesavers

Avoid common short game pitfalls

Short Game StrokesaversHey, sometimes no matter how well you practice and prepare to play your best, you're going to have days where you struggle to hit greens and shoot lower scores.

Get Long Fly Straight

Better drives come from less mind and body clutter

Get Long Fly StraightBashing drives down the fairway is the best part of golf.

Keep It Simple

How to drop more putts without trying so hard

Keep It SimpleIf you want to become a better putter, you have to know how to use your eyes to your advantage.

Learn Like A Pro, Play Like A Pro!

Apply lasting improvements to your golf game

Learn Like A Pro, Play Like A Pro!No matter how advanced the best players in the world become, each and every player does something, somehow, someway to make himself or herself better.

Hit More Greens

Make Consistent Contact With Your Irons

Hit More GreensThe connection between the hands and clubhead is critically important.

Keep A Steady Head

Make more putts with better distance and direction

Keep A Steady HeadOut on the LPGA Tour, if you're averaging somewhere in the 28-29 putts per round, you're considered among the best putters out here.

Miss The Box

Stop the pop-ups and you'll hit the ball higher and farther than before

Miss The BoxAngle of attack is the direction the clubhead travels into the back of the ball.

Is Your Camera Lying To You?

Guidelines for camera placements and what you should see from those placements

Is Your Camera Lying To You?Have you ever wondered if what you see in magazines (yes, even this one) is showing you what you need to see?

Be The (Middle) ball

Here's a drill that will help you get better at making contact in the center of the clubface

Be The (Middle) ballA very important variable to better ballstriking is "centeredness of contact."

Rough And Tough Shots

Escape Tough Lies With Ease

Rough And Tough ShotsWhen your ball finds the deep rough like the position I’m in here, the smart play almost always is to take a higher-lofted club and either lay up or pitch the ball back into the fairway.

Own Your Focus

Perform your best, practice some of Dan Martin's, PGA, favorite focus exercises

Own Your FocusYour focus is your most precious asset when playing golf.

Racket Science

If you're struggling with big slices and pulls to the left, try this drill

Racket ScienceWhen was the last time you hit a tennis ball with a racket?

Ready To Rip

Swing faster in your next drive

Ready To RipSo, to really nuke your next drive, rehearse a few practice swings with the club held across your shoulders as I'm doing here.

Target Golf

Shots that will help you better navigate target-style golf courses

Target GolfIn today's golf climate, it seems everyone is fixated on distance.

Score From The Sand

Get up and down every time

Score From The SandHow you grip the club greatly influence the type of shot you want to hit.