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2012 Holiday Gift Guide
Looking for the perfect golf gift this holiday season? We've got you covered! Check out the latest and greatest in new golf technology in our expanded 2013 Holiday Gift Guide. We've hand selected top products that are sure to please any type of golfer, from novice to the advanced player.
Expresso Satellite Navigation ESN WR67
True designer watch features: stainless-steel bezel and buttons and a scratch-resistant mineral crystal lens. Provides accurate distancesto the front, center and back of green, and includes preloaded hazard information. Battery lasts over three full rounds between charges. Best-in-Class 2-Year Warranty, $149.99 HolidaySales Price. Call (866) 691-1350 for more information.

Promotion Price Ends: 12/30/2013

Striking the ball consistently on the right spot on your clubface is one of the most important skills you can master when learning golf. It affects both distance and direction, often dramatically. Mark-It provides over 200 applications per can with a patented chemical blend that is safe and easy to use. It's the ideal gift for any aspiringgolfer. Price: $14.95 (discounts for multiple cans) 800-367-4279

Mantis Golf – putters
Keep your eyes on the ball, not the putter.
With their patented green finish,Mantis puttersminimize visual attention on the putter andmaximize focus on the ball and the line of the putt, producing smoother putting strokes and more consistent results. Mantis putters blend old-world craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology to help golfers discover and refine their most effective putting strokes. Mantis putters conform with USGA rules. Free Players Towel with purchase through 12/31/13. Mantis putters are available at participating retailers and on the website. $159.99

Duo Golf Cart – Bag + Cart In-One
The revolutionary Duo Cart is an all-in-one pushcart and golf bag combination that's extremely compact, so it fits easily in the trunk of your car and takes just seconds to set up.With the turn of a handle, the hydraulic assisted frame has your bag locked in place and ready to go. Fourwheels provide a low center of gravity and outstanding stability on even the roughest terrain. Features 14 full-length dividers that minimize club rattling.

The Bag has a plethora of storage pockets for balls, tees, raingear and other items. Best of all, it's "Riding Cart Friendly," front and rear
wheels can be removed from the frame in just seconds and converted into a cart bag,which fits on all standard electric or gas carts, should you decide to ride instead of walk! Price - $299.95

Order online at: www.duogolfcart.com

  GOLFSTR+ 5-in-1 Training Aid
Every Golfer Needs One "For Every Swing in Your Game" For consistent hits: Flat wrist for (1) putting, (2) chipping & (3) backswing and (4) Straight leading elbow. For more distance: (5)Wrist lag trainer.

Golf Pros everywhere are recommending GOLFSTR+. Only $29.99, includes retail package and save $10 S&H by using Coupon Code: GT Code. Order Now 1-855-799-9695 or online www.golfstr.com
  Are Your Golf Clubs Ready for the 2014 Gold Season?
SYou can't play good golf with clubs that don't fit YOUR swing! Don't Guess... To play your best golf, get your clubs evaluated and tuned up by an ICG member.
Why your clubs need a spring tune-up by an ICG clubfitter:
• An ICG clubfitter can replace your worn and slippery grips with the right type and size for you.
• An ICG clubfitter can adjust the lofts and lies of irons to insure accurate distances and direction.
• Your ICG clubfitter can recommend changes to your set makeup to lower your scores.
• ICG clubfitters have the latest technology and equipment to fit clubs to YOUR individual swing.
• Finally, if you want to play your best golf, you can't afford not to see an ICG Clubfitter!
To learn more about the benefits of custom clubfitting and to find an ICG clubmaker near you, go to: www.clubmakersguild.com
Super Over-Sized JumboMax Grips
The USGA-Conforming JumboMax Grip, with its patented design and larger diameter, provides a more secure Finger-Palm Grip which makes for a tension-free connection to the club. This Finger-Palm Grip, Technology promotes relaxed grip pressure, more consistent squaring of the clubface, and a more fluid and powerful swing. Golf instructors universally agree that the surest way to ruin a good golf swing is by gripping the club too tightly, or by increasing grip pressure during the swing, which prevents
the club from releasing properly at impact. The larger diameter and unique design of the JumboMax Grips instantly gives you a more secure hold on the club, so you don't feel the need to squeeze it too tightly.

  Nexbelt - "The Belt With No Holes"
Finally, a belt that's as advanced as the golf equipment you use. Nexbelt's new Go In Golf Series of belts feature a unique hidden ratcheting system that allows you to adjust the belt in 1/4-inch increments – unlike the traditional belt (with holes) that only allows for 1-inch adjustments. This guarantees a perfect fit regardless of slight changes in your waist size from day to day. Flip down the buckle, and a hidden ball marker is revealed for ease of use on the green! New styles for the Holidays include Carbon and Canvas Series (shown). Over 50 styles & colors available for Men & Women starting at $39.99.

The P3 allows you to Practice, Play and Perform to improve your golf game. You can play on a wide variety of championship virtual courses, hit a bottomless bucket on the driving range, practice your putting and receive unsurpassed swing analysis after every shot. Put a Simulator in your home today! Starting at $799 www.p3proswing.com or call 1(877) 737-7646


Perfect Pitch Golf Mat
The Perfect Pitch Golf Mat is a portable mat that golfers can use at home, golf range or practice facility. Color coordinated foot and ball markers allow golfers to correctly line up their feet as well as ball position based on desired golf shot. Red Markers indicate chip shot; White Markers indicate pitch shot; Yellow Markets indicate lob or bunker shot. Currently available online.

SAVE 20% with coupon code: Golftips20

  PowerLag + FlatWrist Pro
Suggested Retail Price: $39.99 (Holiday Special 20% OFF – use the code: GTIPS20)
Editors' Pick—These products have won the respect of editors and the trust of thousands of PGA pros. Two revolutionary training aids for the price of one.
A NEW WAY TO IMPROVE LAG AND ACHIEVE A FLAT WRIST AT IMPACT. Effortless power and accuracy is what you will experience when you start working with PowerLag + FlatWrist Pro. Quickly cures casting or flipping of the wrist at impact—provides a real sense of creating club lag and achieving a pro like flat wrist at impact. Its unique patented design ingrains proper golf fundamentals and is guaranteed to improve your golf swing. Special Features: Patented design works for both L/R-handed players.
Contact: (888) 842-8777

  Sports Sensors, Inc.
Description: The SWING SPEED RADAR® with TEMPO TIMER measures total time from club takeaway to ball impact, as well as clubhead swing speed. It's used at all Jim McLean Golf Schools.

Special Feature: RADAR DATA LINK™ is now available. Send data from your Radar to your Tablet or Smartphone. Contact: (888) 542-9246