Wedges Buyer's Guide 2007

Known as the most versatile club in the bag, the wedge is a bona fide score saver

Cobra King Cobra C
(800) 225-8500 | $79

w-cobra-ws.jpgDesigned to be both forgiving and versatile, with increased bounce and a widened sole for less digging into the turf and sand. A soft, vibration-absorbing urethane insert helps create the feel of a traditionally shaped blade-style wedge.
Features: The King Cobra C is one of few perimeter-weighted new wedges on the market for players who crave extra control.
Advantages: Short swings need forgiveness, too.
Benefits: Solid performers for players who tend to struggle with excess digging on pitch shots.
What We Like: Making a forgiving wedge that looks great is a tall order, but Cobra did a fine job. The price is desirable, too.
Lineup: King Cobra C
Clubhead: Stainless steel
Clubface: Same
Design: Cast cavity-back
Size: Oversized
Clubs: 50°/8° PW; 52°/8°, 54°/9° GW; 56°/11°, 56°/14° SW; 58°/12°, 60°/8° LW (available LH)
Shafts: True Temper Dynamic Gold steel (S)
Eidolon V-Sole
(361) 983-4691 | $129

w-eidolon.jpgCheck out the brilliant dual-bounce sole, which gives golfers the option to significantly open or close the clubface without the club digging into or bouncing off the turf. Each groove is CNC-milled for increased levels of spin and greater face consistency.
Features: The dual-bounce sole allows golfers to adjust trajectory without compromising bounce angles.
Advantages: The sole near the trailing edge has almost no bounce so it lies flat whether the clubface is square, open or closed.
Benefits: Better players will love the shotmaking versatility and the spin-inducing CNC-milled grooves.
What We Like: The combination of looks and top-notch performance.
Lineup: V-Sole
Clubhead: Carbon steel
Clubface: Same
Design: Forged blade
Size: Standard
Clubs: 52°/18° (3) GW; 56°/30° (7) SW; 60°/25° (6) LW (available LH)
Shafts: Rifle Spinner steel (F, S)

F2 F2 Series Plus
(800) 683-2390 | $99

F2 Series PlusF2 follows up their highly popular “face-forward” wedge with the f2 Plus.
Features: The new f2 Plus series is 15-percent larger than the original f2 Series wedge, a feature that results in a larger sweet spot. Its hosel still sits more toward the rear of the sole, and its clubface protrudes toward the ball.
Advantages: Its unique “face-forward” technology makes shanks a thing of the past. The f2 performs best when the clubface stays square, not opened.
Benefits: Players who tend to shank or struggle with sand play will find the f2 to be a life-saving addition to their arsenal.
What We Like: After adjusting to its unorthodox looks, we appreciated its advantages, especially from the sand.
Lineup: f2 Series Plus, f2 Series
Clubhead: 304 Stainless steel
Clubface: Same
Design: Cast cavity-back
Size: Oversized
Clubs: 52°/6° GW; 56°/12°, 58°/14° SW; 60°/8° (available LH)
Shafts: f2 Steel and Graphite (wedge)
Infiniti IP-3 Pro
(800) 253-6370 | $89

w-Infiniti-IP3-Pro.jpgThe Infinity IP-3 was conceived from the ground up and is constructed for better players.
Features: A precision-milled flat face produces maximum spin and helps your ball check when it lands, “on the dance floor.”
Advantages: Three holes drilled in the toe provide feel and balance and its special heel grind allows you to open the clubface for shots that require touch.
Benefits: Better players who crave touch, spin and versatility when playing from a variety of turf conditions.
What We Like: Ours came with a red grip. We thought that was cool. The three holes on the back of the toe help balance the club very nicely.
Lineup: AW Grind Wedge, IP-3 Pro
Clubhead: 304 Steel
Clubface: CNC Milled
Design: Cast blade
Size: Standard
Clubs: 51°/8° GW; 56°/14° SW; 60°/5° L
Shafts: True Temper Dynalite steel (wedge)
For Golfers Only! DW-1
(951) 302-1200 | $89

w-don-wood.jpgFrom master equipment maker Don Wood comes the DW-1 wedges, featuring micro-abraded milled grooves that produce maximum spin rates without damaging the golf ball. The high-toe shape and minimal offset enhance versatility.
Features: The Tour-like shape of the DW-1 is very inviting and easy to align at address.
Advantages: Multiple loft/bounce combinations make finding the right wedge an easy task.
Benefits: Neo-classic design for every player.
What We Like: The grooves have tremendous bite, especially on the 64° wedges.
Lineup: DW-1, DW-1 Personal Grind
Clubhead: Carbon steel
Clubface: Same
Design: Cast blade
Size: Standard
Clubs: 46°/4°, 46°/8°, 50°/6°, 50°/10° PW; 52°/8°, 52°/12°, 54°/10°, 54°/14° GW; 56°/8°, 56°/14°, 58°/10°, 58°/16° SW; 60°/8°, 60°/16°, 64°/8°, 64°/16° LW (available LH)
Shafts: Several custom options available
KZG Forged
(800) 200-8800 | $89-$99

w-KZG-Forged.jpgThese KZG wedges are double-forged and handcrafted from super-soft S20C carbon steel.
Features: Each wedge in the set is engineered with the ideal leading edge and sole grind.
Advantages: The grind reduces turf drag and creates more efficient clubhead speed. These attractive wedges are finished with high-polish, nickel-chrome plating.
Benefits: Any golfer who appreciates high-quality construction, design and materials should give the KZG Forged models a look.
What We Like: The raw finish option, which allows the wedge to rust over time for a distinctive look and a slightly different feel.
Lineup: Forged, Cast 9500
Clubhead: Carbon steel
Clubface: Same
Design: Double-forged blade
Size: Standard
Clubs: 52°/4° GW; 56°/11° SW; 60°/3° LW (available LH)
Shafts: KZG Tour steel (X, S, R); KZG Control Plus graphite (X, S, R, A, L)


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