Wedges Buyer's Guide 2006

How To Buy A Wedge

Jerry King, head pro at the Kapalua Golf Academy in Maui, has been teaching resort guests the short game for more than a decade. How would he buy wedges? “Selecting the right type and mix of wedges gives you the best opportunity to manage your game and score low,” he says. “Keep in mind three criteria. First, dial in your distances. If you take a full swing for most shots over 50 yards, consider the four-wedge system with 48°, 52°, 56° and 60° models. This mix allows you to consistently make a full motion for a variety of distances. If you’re proficient at controlling distances by varying your setup and range of motion, try a two- or three-wedge mix: 48°/56° or 48°/54°/60°.

Second, consider your swing style. If you play with a steeper angle of attack, select wedges with more bounce. This will help prevent you from hitting fat shots. If you have a shallower angle of attack, carry wedges with less bounce, allowing your club to glide through the grass. Finally, think about turf conditions. If you consistently play in firm conditions, choose wedges with less bounce. If your home course conditions are consistently soft (both turf and sand), have wedges with a little more bounce.”

One final tip from Jerry: “Play darker-finished wedges—they flash less glare in your eyes, an important benefit in sunny places like Hawaii.”
—Scott Kramer

Srixon WG-504
(888) 4-SRIXON | $125

Srixon WG 504 Shaped for better players who want the option to play a variety of shots around the green. A special sole grind affords the perfect blend of bounce and loft when the face is closed, squared or opened, and the modified box grooves impart considerable spin from a variety of lies.
Features: The soft, forged construction and muted gunmetal finish have a Tour look and feel.
Advantages: The special sole grind allows golfers to slip the club beneath the ball effortlessly through impact, even with an open face.
Benefits: A wedge for the better player.
What We Like: V-grooves pack serious bite.
Lineup: WG-504
Clubhead: Carbon steel
Clubface: Same
Design: Forged blade
Size: Standard
Clubs: 52°/8°, 54°/8° GW; 56°/8°, 56°/12° SW; 58°/8°, 58°/14°, 60°/8° LW (52°/8°, 56°/8° available LH)
Shaft(s): True Temper Dynamic Gold steel (wedge)

Titleist Vokey Spin Milled Oil Can
(800) 225-8500 | $130

Titleist Vokey Spin Milled Oil Can Bob Vokey’s Spin Milled series feature CNC-milled grooves that are cut using a circular cutting tool for added depth and consistent edges. A new Oil Can finish absorbs distracting glare (the original Tour Chrome finish also is available).
Features: These wedges have 30-percent more groove volume when compared to other models.
Advantages: The textured face and deep groves help golfers gain added bite around the greens.
Benefits: Designed for Tour players, the Spin Milled series is all about short-game control.
What We Like: The micro-grooves really aid in creating spin, especially from the rough.
Lineup: Spin Milled Series, 200 Series
Clubhead: Carbon steel
Clubface: Same
Design: Cast blade
Size: Standard
Clubs: 54°/10°, 54°/14° GW; 56°/10°, 56°/14° SW; 58°/8°, 58°/12°, 60°/4°, 60°/8° LW (available LH)
Shaft(s): True Temper Dynamic Gold steel (wedge)

Wilson Staff Fw6
(800) 469-4576 | $99

Wilson Staff Fw6 The beautiful Fw6 wedges from Wilson have the looks of a throwback club, but play as well as any new wedge. A thin sole and flatter heel allows golfers to easily lay the blade open or closed.
Features: The bore-through shaft and Fluid Feel plug are old school, but work like a charm.
Advantages: The soft, forged construction and resulting feel is ideal.
Benefits: Better players will enjoy the sharp looks of the Fw6, but that isn’t to say the average player won’t enjoy any benefit.
What We Like: The simplicity of the Wilson Staff logo and limited writing exudes class, and the sole configuration is simple but effective.
Lineup: Fw6
Clubhead: Carbon steel
Clubface: Same
Design: Forged blade
Size: Standard
Clubs: 52°/6° PW; 54°/8° GW; 56°/10° SW; 58°/12°, 60°/8° LW (52°, 56°, 60° available LH)
Shaft(s): True Temper Dynamic Gold steel (wedge)

Yonex Cyberstar Forged
(800) 44-YONEX | $125

Yonex Cyberstar Forged Billed as a Tour wedge, the Cyberstar Forged and its sole grind are designed for multiple functions. The radiused leading edge prevents excessive digging and the smooth center section enables golfers to hit high or low shots with ease if the face is square, closed or open.
Features: The oxidation film finish absorbs glare like a sponge, and the forged construction makes the wedge feel almost as soft as one.
Advantages: This wedge is a tool for shotmaking, but it’s also surprisingly forgiving.
Benefits: Low-handicappers will drool over its looks and spin rates, but players of all skill can benefit from such a handsome wedge.
What We Like: Did we mention the looks?
Lineup: Cyberstar Forged
Clubhead: Carbon steel
Clubface: Same
Design: Forged blade
Size: Standard
Clubs: 51°/8°, 52° GW; 56°/10° SW; 58°/8° LW (no LH)
Shaft(s): True Temper Dynamic Gold steel (S)


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