Wedges Buyer's Guide 2006

PING Tour Black Nickel
(800) 4-PING-FIT | $125 ($150 graphite)

Ping Tour Black Nickel The Tour wedge from PING gets a muted, black-nickel makeover, but retains the same playing attributes that have made the Tour wedge a popular addition to many golf bags around the world.
Features: A slightly smaller head size and a ferrule for a traditional look. These wedges retain Tour-tested capabilities melded with playability.
Advantages: Variable bounce angles and machined U-grooves enable customized control. The slight offset and small cavity make for shotmaking versatility combined with added forgiveness.
Benefits: Tour professionals dig the clean, traditional look, and casual golfers will no doubt appreciate the dose of forgiveness the small cavity yields.
What We Like: The custom fitting, the looks, the performance—we like it all.
Lineup: PING Tour, PING Tour Black Nickel, PING Wedge
Clubhead: Stainless
Clubface: Same
Design: Cast cavity-blade
Size: Standard
Clubs: 52°, 54° GW; 56°, 58° SW; 60° LW (available LH)
Shaft(s): True Temper Dynamic Gold steel
(X, S), PING CS Lite steel (S, R), PING Z-Z65 Steel (S); PING TFC 100i graphite (S, R, A)
Adams Puglielli
(800) 622-0609 | $119

w-adams-puglielli.jpg The brain child of veteran club builder Max Puglielli, this self-named wedge is designed with the low-handicapper in mind. Featuring CNC-milled grooves and a Fly-Cut face for superior flatness and consistency.
Features: The Puglielli design affords golfers the choice between two wedges based on their swing characteristics (steep or sweeping).
Advantages: One of the top wedges for players who like to open or close the face at address.
Benefits: The better player will appreciate the effectiveness of the club’s design subtleties.
What We Like: The high-polish finish and multiple loft/bounce options make this wedge a winner.
Lineup: Puglielli Wedges, Tom Watson Wedges
Clubhead: Stainless steel
Clubface: Same
Design: Cast blade
Size: Standard
Clubs: 2°/7° GW; 54°/15°, 56°/12° SW; 58°/12° LW; 60°/8° LW (no LH) Shaft(s): True Temper Dynamic Gold steel (S)

Tech Talk
More Than A Feeling
By Todd Harman
Vice-President of Product Marketing
Cleveland Golf

Golf Tips Equipment Panel
Like putters, wedges are largely a personal preference to most players. But wedge manufacturers know what golfers are seeking. We’re thinking about feel—it’s really our primary focus when we’re making a wedge. We explore how we can make that club feel better so that the player gets more feedback and has more control with it. The starting point there is the base metal that we’re working with, and then strategically placing weight and designing its structure so that the maximum amount of feel can be sent to the player’s hands.

The other thing we’ve been looking at for the past several years is offering different types of sole variations in the same loft of different clubs, so we can target different player types and different course conditions. Several brands offer wedges with different bounce choices. They’ll come with a low bounce, which has a narrow sole and little bounce angle for the player who gets very shallow under the ball; a mid-bounce, which serves a lot of different players well; and a high bounce for players who take a steep angle into the ball, take a big divot and need extra bounce.
—Scott Kramer

Nickent ARC
888-NICKENT | $109

Nickent ARC A leading name in hybrids offers a high-tech wedge with enhanced feel.
Features: An elastomer material placed directly behind the hitting area. The elastomer weighs significantly less than the surrounding steel, which allows for the creation of an internal cavity. According to Nickent, this is the only patented hidden perimeter weighting system in wedge design.
Advantages: The ARC technology eliminates vibration at impact, creating a soft feel.
Benefits: Anyone who likes a traditional blade wedge, but also wants game improvement.
What We Like: The hidden perimeter weighting system and the chrome or black finishes.
Lineup: ARC
Clubhead: Stainless steel
Clubface: Same
Design: Cast blade
Size: Standard
Clubs: 46°/8°, 48°/8° PW; 52°/10°, 54°/10° GW; 56°/12°, 58°/10° SW; 60°/6°, 62°/3° LW (48°, 52°, 56°, 60° available LH)
Shafts: Rifle Spinner (wedge)
PureSpin PS-3
(888) 882-1580 | $60

Purespin PS-3 The PS-3 features three weight ports that allow golfers to customize feel and perimeter-weighting characteristics based on personal preference. Features: The classic shape and weight maneuverability make the PS-3 among the most unique wedges on the market.
Advantages: Weight kits and customization aside, PureSpin’s Diamond Face delivers serious spin for all skill levels.
Benefits: All players can take advantage of four-way cambered sole for better shotmaking.
What We Like: The port design makes adding weights a breeze, and for the first time golfers can fine-tune CG location in a wedge.
Lineup: PS-3, Pro Forged, Tungsten Diamond, Thumper Diamond, Black Tungsten
Clubhead: Stainless steel
Clubface: Diamond Face
Design: Cast blade
Size: Standard
Clubs: 48°/4° PW; 52°/8° GW; 56°/12° SW; 60°/3° LW (no LH) Shaft(s): PureSpin steel (wedge)

Solus Wedge
(800) 899-6513 | $120

Solus Wedge Company engineers developed the Solus in response to the diverse spin, trajectory and distance characteristics of short shots.
Features: The Solus wedge is loaded with unique features, like a Crescent Cut sole contour, which allows the face to be opened and closed at will and the golfer to employ bounce when it’s needed (sand) and negate it when it isn’t (tight lies).
Advantages: Minimal offset, a relieved heel section and the club’s overall shape produce a high and rearward CG, which combine for more spin and forgiveness.
What We Like: The lowered leading edge affords better setup at address.
Benefits: Solid game-improvement wedge for all.
Lineup: Solus Wedge
Clubhead: Carbon steel
Clubface: Same
Design: Cast cavity-back
Size: Standard
Clubs: 51° GW; 56° SW; 61° LW
Shaft(s): Solus Q-Shaft steel (wedge)

TaylorMade Rac Black TP
(800) 888-CLUB | $150

TaylorMade Rac Black TP The golf world has been buzzing about this wedge for months, mainly due to the Y-Cutter grooves and Tour-inspired sole shape. A lowered trailing edge and radiused leading edge (for minimal digging) are paired with TM’s Feel Pockets to create one of the elite wedge models on the market.
Features: The gunmetal finish is handsome, and the Dual-Draft grooves with the Y-Cutter technology impart plenty of spin.
Advantages: The unique sole configuration allows players to open the face without adding excessive bounce.
Benefits: Skilled players will dig it, but the extra playability afforded by the new sole design and a dose of perimeter weighting make it an option for all golfers.
What We Like: The C-shaped sole configuration is the real deal.
Lineup: rac Black TP, rac Satin
Clubhead: Carbon steel
Clubface: Same
Design: Cast blade
Size: Standard
Clubs: 52°/8°, 54°/10° GW; 56°/12° SW; 58°/8°, 60°/6° LW (52°, 54°, 60° available LH)
Shaft(s): True Temper Dynamic Gold steel (wedge)


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