2014 Buyer's Guide Wedges

Have a look at some of our favorite wedges for 2014

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Bladed Wedge Shot

The trick for this shot is simple. You want to catch the ball at or near its equator with the leading edge of the wedge. Play the ball back in your stance and make a low-swinging stroke. Don't lift the club, as you actually want to blade it thin and get the ball rolling! This shot is a lot easier than trying to putt from against the fringe. Try it!
Feel & Forgiveness
Cobra Golf
Tour Trusty
Key Features: A compact, non-offset shape, as well as two cut depths on the face, help max out surface roughness, while wide grooves enhance spin. Available in a matte satin or matte black PVD finish.
Wow Factor: We like the "notch K-Grind" that provides heel and toe relief, which makes them more versatile around the green.
Specs: Available in loft/bounce options, in right- and left-handed models, of 48°-8°, 50°-8°, 52°-8°, 54°-10°, 56°-12°, 56°-8°, 58°-8°, 60°-10°, 60°-6°, 62°-8° and 64°-8°, with a True Temper Dynamic Gold S200 shaft.
cobragolf.com | $119
Key Features: Comes in two flavors. The Toe Sweep model features a wide toe area, plus dramatic heel relief that allows an open clubface at address. The Dual Wide Sole model is versatile and has a C-shaped sole. Both are forged from soft carbon steel and boast X3X grooves that boost spin consistency.
Wow Factor: Nike has historically put out very playable wedges and believe these new models only enhance the user experience. They're easy to hit and stop the ball nicely.
Specs: The Toe Sweep is available in right-handed lofts of 56°, 58° and 60°, left-handed lofts of 56° and 60°, the Dual Wide Sole in right-handed lofts of 52°, 56°, 58° and 60°, with a True Temper Dynamic Gold shaft and Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 grip.
nikegolf.com | $110
Tour Groove
Key Features: Forged from soft carbon steel, it has a traditional teardrop shape, USGA-conforming grooves and a brushed satin finish that reduces glare.
Wow Factor: We're all over the clean lines and substantial look of this wedge. It feels nice and soft, and generates ample spin.
Specs: Available in right-handed loft/bounce options of 52°-8°, 56°-12° and 60°-6°, with a True Temper Dynamic Gold shaft.
orlimar.com | $99

Key Features: A soft stainless-steel clubhead has three sole width options—thin (TS) for firm conditions and shallow approaches, standard (SS) for all playing conditions, and wide (WS) for hitting from softer sand and turf—that lend versatility from any lie. Precision-milled "Gorge" face grooves hold tight manufacturing tolerances to help maximize backspin. The traditional head shape features a custom tuning port in the cavity, which increases MOI and contributes to a solid feel across the clubface.
Wow Factor: Plain awesome, with respect to looks, feel and performance.
Specs: Available in 47° (SS), 50° (SS), 52° (SS), 54° (SS, WS), 56° (SS, WS), 58° (SS, WS, TS) and 60° (SS, WS, TS), with a PING CFS or PING TFC169i shaft.
ping.com | $140 - $167.50
Key Features: The beloved EYE2 wedge is still available (we can't let it go, either), with conforming grooves and a precision-milled face. Ironically, this forgiving wedge is still being used by Tour players.
Wow Factor: Yes, that's right. Tour players love this wedge because it's crazy-forgiving and the sole design allows for a huge variety of shots around the green. Sometimes what works keeps working, no matter how old the design. Case in point, this very wedge.
Specs: Comes in 56° and 60° models, with a variety of steel and graphite shaft options.
ping.com | $119
Tour Preferred
Key Features: Two sole options, including the ATV (All-Terrain Versatility) sole for...wait for it...more versatility! This allows for a variety of shots regardless of the course conditions and swing type. In a satin-chrome finish, mind you. It's like a sports car with big, knobby tires that can handle all kinds of terrain. The microtexture face helps optimize spin and greenside performance.
Wow Factor: TaylorMade wedges with ATV have generally been received well by golfers, who find them versatile from any lie. We like that you can open up the face as needed, and always seem to have the right bounce angle for the task at hand.
Specs: Available in loft/bounce options of 50°-9° for right-handed only, as well as 52°-9°, 54°-11°, 56°-12°, 58°-10° and 60°-10° in right- and left-handed models.
taylormadegolf.com | $130


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