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Have a look at some of our favorite wedges for 2014

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By Glenn Deck, PGA

If you don't like greenside bunkers and you're trying to help the ball get up over the bunker lip, here's a fix for you. The first step is to simplify your bunker setup and eliminate being too open in your stance or having the clubface too open. I want you to use your normal pitch shot except you'll use the bounce in your clubhead and swing like your ball is in greenside rough.

FIX #1: Set up so you're aiming directly at the target and open the face so the bottom scoring lines aim at your left ankle to create a little bounce. Work your feet into the sand a half-inch so you have a shallow divot in the sand. Line up at your target and swing the club at your target to throw the sand on the green and forget about the open face! If you open your body and clubface too much, you'll tend to swing the club back too far to the inside, creating a lot of problems. Instead, keep your focus on hitting a spot of sand two inches behind the ball and swing down and through. Too often, I see players open up their body too much to the left and open the face too much to the right, which makes the shot much more difficult. Instead, hit a "heavy pitch" and swing aggressively right at the target.

FIX #2: Change your distance thought; if you have a 15-yard bunker shot, you need a 45-yard swing. Yes, multiply the distance you need to hit by three to offset the cushion of sand between the clubface and ball. If you're playing in a firm or wet bunker, double the distance; if you're in soft powder sand, multiply the distance by four. Learn to make the practice swing outside the bunker before you walk into the bunker, so on most 20-yard bunker shots, make a 60-yard practice swing, then walk into the bunker, take your setup and go with the same feel.

If you're really serious about shooting some lower scores this year, ditch the practice tee once in a while and hone in on your short game. Even with good swing mechanics, and sometimes perfect execution, you're going to find yourself missing a few (sometimes a lot of) greens. Factors such as club selection, weather, elevation changes or green layouts and pin placements all affect our ability to knock it stiff, even on days when everything feels just right.

This year, wedge customization is popular, and rightfully so. Getting the custom look, feel, bounce, loft, etc., is crucial for becoming more proficient with short shots. Have a look at some of our favorite wedges for 2014.


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