2013 Buyer's Guide Wedges

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With Brian Schielke, Product Manager CLEVELAND GOLF/SRIXON

1 Ironically, wedge fitting is often overlooked. What are you doing at Cleveland to get more people fitted for their wedges?
Wedge fitting has been overlooked in the past, but we're trying to change this. We want golfers playing properly fit wedges to help lower their scores. To do so, we're providing a new Wedge Fitting System to nearly 1,000 retail locations so they can fit players for the proper model, lofts, bounce and shaft. In addition, we're educating the consumer on the importance of wedge fitting through Scoring Clinics and online fitting modules.

2 What's up with the new Rotex face design. How does it work?
The new Rotex face is truly amazing. It creates consistent, maximum spin from every lie. This is done through 16% larger grooves, enhancing the laser milling and creating a directionally milled Rotex face pattern. The larger grooves improve consistency from the rough and difficult lies, while the enhanced laser milling and Rotex face pattern increase spin on critical scoring shots around the green.

3 Blade or cavity back: Which is right for what type of player? Does it really relate to skill or more to swing types?
While skill and swing type both play a role in model selection, the most critical aspect is how the golfer will use the wedge. If he or she is seeking versatility and the ability to hit a variety of shot types around the green, the RTX (blade version) will be a perfect fit. If the player is searching for more forgiveness and consistency, then the RTX CB (cavity back) will fit best.

4 Simple question: Are wedges designed to be swung at full power?
Cleveland Golf wedges are designed with both full and partial swings in mind. Our testing consists of full shots, pitches, chips and bunker shots. In addition, we use both premium and two-piece golf balls, along with actual players and an automated robot for each of those shot types. Our wedges are designed to work best for all shot types and conditions.

5 What lies ahead as far as shafts in wedges? Do you think we'll start seeing more graphite, or is steel just too good to let go of for now?
Before now, there hasn't been a good wedge-fitting system so players never had the opportunity to test graphite wedge shafts. With the introduction of our new Wedge Fitting System, players will have this opportunity, and we expect to see more golfers choosing graphite as well as other custom wedge shafts. The key is for players to get fit for their wedge sets to ensure they have the proper shafts.


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