2012 Buyer's Guide Wedges

This year, get up and down...every time

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Key Feature: The Tour-S is a tech wonder, using a tuning port to enhance the wedge's forgiveness and perimeter weighting (two things not usually associated with wedges) and a machined face for maximum spin. That Rustique finish is awesome, just ask Louis Oosthuizen, who used it to win the British Open. Yeah, now that's validation!
Who It's For: All skill levels will find something to appreciate in this tech-savvy design.
Specs: Two finishes and a wide variety of loft/bounce configurations, in either steel or graphite shafts. (LH)
ping.com | $119
Key Feature: Some things never go out of style, and in terms of wedge design, the EYE2 will always be en vogue—even decades after it was designed! Only this time, the wedge faces are milled to new groove specifications, and the head comes in a beautiful nonglare, satin finish.
Who It's For: Golfers who love the classic blend of forgiveness, feel and shotmaking versatility from one of the most loved iron designs of all time.
Specs: Two lofts (56°, 60°) with a variety of steel shaft options as well as a graphite choice. (LH available)
ping.com | $119
Scor 4161
Key Feature: This custom-built has a remarkable 21 different lofts available, from 41° to 61°, and was designed to deliver improved shotmaking performance for your scoring clubs. Look for a higher CG than your typical wedge, which results in a more boring ballflight.
Who It's For: Dreamt up as the short-game equivalent of hybrids, these higher-lofted sticks are itching to boot your conventional wedges (even your 9-iron!) out of your bag. Struggle with distance, trajectory and spin? No more!
Specs: 21 lofts between 41° and 61°.
scorgolf.com | $649/Five Clubs
Key Feature: The CNC-milled 8620 is made in three ways to accommodate three player types, those who swing steep, just right or shallow. The classic teardrop shape and "all-bite, no-chew" groove technology generates a ton of spin and the slightly rounded leading edge is ideal for the better player who loves to get creative.
Who It's For: Golfers who want a wedge that's suited for their type of swing patterns.
Specs: Comes in lofts of 53°, 56°, 58°, 60° in a variety of finishes, grinds, shafts, etc.
scratchgolf.com | $99
Key Feature: Standing for "All Terrain Versatility," Taylor-Made claims that this wedge can—with only minor adjustments from the golfer—perform superbly from any kind of lie. In other words, it does the dirty work for you.
Who It's For: Golfers who want a wedge that performs just as well off hardpan as spongy lies. Its 304 stainless-steel face and microtexture grooves generate nearly as much spin as its highest-spinning wedge.
Specs: TaylorMade is manufacturing only 10 loft/lie combos to simplify the wedge-buying process.
taylormadegolf.com | $119
Vokey Design SM4
Key Feature: A wedge face with 17 grooves (as opposed to 14), and according to the company, they maximized groove geometry and pushed groove-edge radius to the conforming limits. This means a ton of spin and control. Look at it this way: The Vokey line has been reengineered for even greater playability and versatility. Wowza!
Who It's For: Good to better players who love the classic feel and performance that's associated with Bob Vokey.
Specs: A huge variety of loft-bounce configurations with three finishes (Oil Can, Tour Chrome and Black Nickel).
titleist.com | $140


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