2012 Buyer's Guide Wedges

This year, get up and down...every time

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Trusty Rusty
Key Feature: Phil Rogers is back with an awesome new design that features a tri-bounce sole for versatility and control. But really, what gets us excited is the rusty finishes (you can actually buy one with rust on it) and the new oversized Big Rusty Trusty version. We love that concept! Oh, and the black steel shaft is rockin' cool.
Who It's for: There's something for everyone here. Higher-handicappers can't miss with the Big model.
Specs: Three finishes (Rust, Black PVD, Satin) that all rust in 50°, 55°, 60° models with black TT Dynamic Gold shafts.
cobragolf.com | $120
Edel Tour
Key Feature: Everything about the new Tour Wedges is about customization. With up to eight bounce angles and a ton of loft variations, if you can dream it, the geniuses at Edel can build it. They'll even get you fit for the wedge that's perfect for your game. Just take it from us. Mike Adams knows exactly what he's doing when it comes to making sure the CG is in the center of the face.
Who It's For: Golfers who want a custom-fit wedge that oozes craftsmanship and creative design.
Specs: Customized in forged or cast models. .
edelgolf.com | $varied
Key Feature: The anti-shank hosel design uses Face Forward Technology to hit straighter, crisper iron shots. But that's not all; it also helps reduce drag in the sand and deep rough, making it easier to keep the clubface facing in the right direction through the shot.
Who It's For: Those who want to eliminate the shanks, as well as golfers willing to try a creative and unique design. They really work! (Just ask Andy North.)
Specs: Comes in five lofts (48°, 52°, 56°, 60°, 64°) with either a steel or graphite shaft.
f2golf.com | $99/$119

Key Feature: Bigger grooves (15% bigger than the previous Fourteen wedge) means more spin on short/partial shots around the green. Another cool feature here is the available sole shape (higher lofts have thicker soles) and the "reverse-muscle" head shape that places the CG in the optimal spot on each club, no matter what loft.
Who It's For: Better players will like the straightish leading edge and the boost of spin on shorter shots.
Specs: Comes in seven lofts (48°-60°) with a nickel-chrome or nonplated black finish.
fourteengolf.com | $189
IP-3 Pro
Key Feature: The face is milled for precision flatness and maximum spin. Also, three holes are drilled out in the toe that reduce toe weight for a more balanced feel across the face (a lot of Tour players do this). The heel grind on this wedge makes it a cinch to hit shots with open faces.
Who It's For: Those who want a precision-made, well-
balanced wedge in their shotmaking arsenal. Better players will really like the versatility of the sole grind. We sure do!
Specs: Comes in three lofts (51°, 56°, 60°) with a variety of shaft options available.
infinitigolf.com | $89
Key Feature: Designed with an aggressively shaped heel and toe section (meaning they're made for extreme versatility) and a special "spin welding" hosel structure to ensure a perfectly centered shaft placement. The C-Grind wedges are pure scoring clubs from any type of lie.
Who It's For: Fans of legendary craftsmanship, especially when it comes to forged clubs. Miura knows exactly what it's doing when it comes to clubs that feel great.
Specs: Comes in three lofts (55°, 57°, 59°) with a nickel (satin) chrome finish and a steel shaft.
miuragolf.com | $210

Key Feature: The grooves are narrower on lower lofts, and more spaced out on higher lofts, primarily because lower-lofted shots are usually full shots, and higher-lofted wedges are more often used for short shots. All you need to know? They're optimized for maximum spin. Oh, and the rounded shape and narrow sole is ripe for shotmaking.
Who It's For: Typically, this type of wedge is geared toward a better player. But, everybody will love 'em.
Specs: There are nine lofts between 50° and 64°, with a variety of bounces, and two finishes (satin, black nickel).
mizunogolf.com | $119
VR Pro DS Forged
Key Feature: The high-frequency X3X grooves and a laser-etched "X" pattern on the face combine to produce a ton of spin, and the dual sole keeps the leading edge snug with the ground on square or open-faced shots around the green. These are our favorite wedges from Nike yet.
Who It's For: Players who want a versatile wedge, no
matter what the conditions. The sole has a leading-edge bounce, but the trailing edge is relieved.
Specs: Platinum finish with lofts between 48° and 62° with TT Dynamic Gold steel shafts. (LH available)
nikegolf.com | $120
Key Feature: The forged Anser wedge has tungsten in the toe section to balance out with the long hosel, resulting in a CG that's right smack in the middle of the face. Add a tapered sole, a thicker face and, of course, PING's legendary commitment to quality, and you have what we think is the best wedge PING has ever made.
Who It's For: Golfers who want the best wedge PING has ever made. Duh! (Suitable for all skill levels.)
Specs: Comes in a variety of lofts (50° - 60°) in satin-nickel or chrome finishes in a steel or graphite shaft. (LH)
ping.com | $170


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