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Key Features: The C1 pistol-style grips have a flat front design that's made of a supersoft, lightweight polyurethane material for enhanced feel. The diamond and line grip pattern helps the hands remember the same position for each stroke. They're available in a variety of bold colors, with, of course, the red, white and blue being our favorite.
Specs: Pistol style in standard and midsize models in a variety of colors. Proprietary polyurethane material.
Golf Pride
Tour Classic Midsize
Key Features: Simple and refined, the Tour Classic Midsize has a brushed rubber texture and a flat paddle front for a maore comfortable, controlled putting stroke. The diameter is bigger in the griaqp, which helps alleviate wrist and finger tension, resulting in a more relaxed stroke with less yips and jitters.
Specs: Paddle-style design, midsize diameter. Rubber.
Absolute X-Putter
Key Features: It's made of the company's improved IOMAX material and has a new surface pattern for enhanced gripping action. When you have a better grip, the hands can relax more and you can make more putts. Simple, right? We think so. It's available in a wide range of colors, with Sky Blue being our favorite hue.
Specs: Made of IOMIC's unique IOMAX material in a traditional pistol-style design.
Key Features: Like the round grip bearing the same name, this grip was co-developed with IOMIC Grips and features the same thermoplastic elastomer construction, only now in a pistol-style putter grip. The traditional Crossline texture is here, too, and the standard size grip comes in six colors. By the way, we think these grips have the potential to last forever.
Specs: Standard pistol-style grip in six colors. Made of thermoplastic elastomer.
PURE Classic
Key Features: Like all PURE grips, the PURE Classic requires no tape and is made of 100% rubber. The standard size has smooth edges for a relaxed and comfortable hold, even if your grip is a little less than traditional. Come check 'em out, cross-handers.
Specs: A variety of colors—11, to be exact! (Our favorite is yellow, for some reason.)
The Claw
Key Features: Designed for golfers who use alternative putting strokes (such as the claw grip—duh!), The Claw is 13 inches long, leaving plenty of room to hold the putter how you wish. Its 100-gram weight also counterbalances the putter, making it easier to put a smooth stroke on the golf ball.
Specs: It has the look and feel of SuperStroke's PU material in a longer design. Black or red (with white).


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