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Black Widow
Tour Silk II
Key Features: The mid-firmness Tour Silk II has been redesigned to be even more durable and to do a better job of wicking away water for a more secure grip. The classic velvet shape is comfortable and tacky, with frankly, a no-nonsense design. Simple and straight, that's what this grip is. We like how the texturing looks like snakeskin.
Specs: Round velvet design in white and black. Both in standard size.
Black Widow
Key Features: The upper portion of the grip features a pebble-like pattern for extra traction, whereas the lower portion of the grip has a wrap-style texture for added feel and vibration absorption.
Specs: Made of proprietary rubber in a dual-texture design. The lower half is a traditional wrap for better feel, the upper is a rugged, textured pattern for added gripping action. Standard and midsize in black, standard size in white.
Secret Grip
Key Features: Jack Nicklaus endorses them! That should be enough, right? The secret behind the Secret Grip is that it's counterbalanced with a 17g tungsten weight in the butt end of the grip. This raises the balance point of the club for better feel through the swing. We love how it feels in wedges, by the way.
Specs: Proprietary compound, with a 17g tungsten weight in the butt end of the grip. Standard size.
C4 Grip
Key Features: CHAMP is still relatively new to the grip world, but the C4 shows they mean business. The added Kevlar and unique textures and guideline patterns lend a tacky and comfortable feel. It's easy to replicate the ideal grip using the patterns as a guide for precise finger positioning. It's incredibly comfortable.
Specs: Made of rubber, with a unique proprietary pattern and texture. Standard and midsize.
C6 Grip
Key Features: The C6 comes in non-, full- or half-cord models, each with a two-tone rubber design for excellent performance in wet conditions. Like the C4, it has Kevlar for greater control. Unlike the C4, it has a firmer, more responsive feel. Better players will dig that.
Specs: Rubber/Kevlar ingredients in full, half- and non-cord velvet styles. Standard and midsize.
C8 Grip
Key Features: The C8 grip is made of a proprietary TPO and Kevlar material for greater torque and a unique, tacky feel. This grip comes in three different variations: Power for added control with longer clubs; Control for feel and control in middle irons; and Feel for the utmost in feel with short irons and wedges.
Specs: Made of a proprietary TPO and Kevlar. Standard and midsize.
Golf Pride
Key Features: A remarkably soft, tacky feel that comes from a new rubber surface makes this grip the softest grip ever made by Golf Pride. It's soft, but not so soft that you lose performance, thanks to stuff built in like the Control Core, which reduces torque for more
control. The reduced-taper design evens out grip pressure in both hands for a very comfortable hold.
Specs: Round velvet (CP2 Pro) or wrap (CP2 Wrap) designs in standard or midsize.
Golf Pride
New Decade Multicompound
Key Features: This grip has been around a while, and there's a reason for it. Its rugged dual structure (corded upper/softer lower) has made it wildly popular on the PGA Tour. It has a firmer feel, but sometimes better players want that added responsiveness. As for
durability and weather-wicking, it's rock-soild, as always. New for this year is the gray (platinum) color.
Specs: A variety of color combos, in standard and midsize.
Golf Pride
Tour Velvet Super Tack
Key Features: The Tour Velvet has undergone an awesome upgrade, this time sporting a new material for even more tackiness. The upper region of the grip has a distinct diamond pattern for the utmost in tacky control and torque reduction. Better players who want a softer grip but still want responsiveness, look here.
Specs: Velvet style, in standard and midsize. Proprietary rubber material.


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