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Key Features: There are two models in the Velocity line, the Sp and St. The Sp has a backweighted design (for longer clubs or clubs with heavier heads) and has mid-launch, mid-spin characteristics. This makes the ball fly higher and farther for just about every type of player. The Velocity St is similar in structure (using Matrix's DE Curve design), but has a stiffer tip section for a lower ballflight. Faster swingers will dig that.
Specs: Available in four weights in a variety of flexes.
OZIK Series
Key Features: Each shaft in the Ozik series is designed for the serious golfer, and the new TP6HDe is no exception. It uniquely has a hexadecagonal design (16-sided) for outstanding strength and Interply Hybrid Technology, with Boron in the construction for an insane level of symmetry and performance. Over your head? Yeah, ours, too. Just know it's as good a shaft as you can get from the Ozik line (and that's saying a lot).
Specs: Available in a wide range of flexes and profiles.
Mitsubishi Rayon
Fubuki Z
Key Features: The Fubuki Z shafts are designed for golfers who want a stable shaft that promotes a low-spin, high-launch ballflight. Go ahead and add some loft to your driver, and let the Fubuki Z help do some work in reducing spin, thus helping you hit the ball farther and straighter. By the way, the Fubuki Z feels really smooth. Need a lower launch? Try the Fubuki ZT for a mid-height ballflight.
Specs: Available in three models in X, S, R flexes.
Mitsubishi Rayon
Kuro Kage Black HBP
Key Features: Not unlike the original Kuro Kage, the Black edition has a smooth bend profile, but with a softer mid-section, stiffer tip and butt section, and a higher balance point. In simple terms, it lightens the club's swingweight for more speed without adding length to the shaft. Oh, yeah, and it has all the fancy Prepreg composite technology one would expect from a premium MRC shaft. One can expect a mid-launch with mid-spin rates with this shaft.
Specs: Available in four weight models (50g, 60g, 70g, 80g) in a variety of flexes.
Mitsubishi Rayon
Bassara P-Series
Key Features: Featuring the Phoenix emblem, the lightweight BASSARA P-Series utilizes elastic Titanium Nickel (TiNi) Wire in the tip section along with an optimized EI curve for the utmost feel during your swing and at impact. In simple English, that means this shaft is exceptionally stable and consistent as it loads and unloads during the swing. It's also one of the few lightweight shafts that promotes a penetrating launch with reduced spin. According to MRC, it's faster than other lightweight shafts, resulting in more distance.
Specs: Available in three weights (30g, 40g, 50g) in a variety of flex options.
Key Features: The JDL is designed to perform the same no matter how it's oriented into an adjustable-hosel driver—no matter what setting you choose for face/lie angle, you'll reap the best performance the shaft can deliver. For us, that's a mid-launch with mid-spin for the best in distance and control.
Specs: Available in four models from 49g to 87g in a variety of flexes.
Key Features: One flex, one weight (104g), three distinct regions, with the center region being the only area that actually flexes. The shaft reduces droop, making it easier to hit the sweet spot more often. In English, you've gotta try it to understand the unique feel and performance of this shaft. And we mean that in a really good way. It may very well be the wave that other companies will soon follow.
Specs: One flex, one weight. There's also a hybrid model and a newer model for irons.
Kiyoshi Series
Key Features: The popular Kiyoshi Series (Purple, White, Black and the new Gold) covers a wide range of player types (the new Gold caters to golfers who want a high-launch with mid-spin characteristics), each using state-of-the-art technology to ensure maximum energy transfer and excellent stability and consistency. In case you were wondering, the colors are cool and they feel incredible in every clubhead we've hit them with.
Specs: All four shafts are designed for different launch/spin, each in a variety of weights and flexes to choose from.
Tour Limited
Key Features: If you want to look, feel and perform like a Tour player, this shaft ought to be seriously considered. It's expensive (near $500), but it's probably worth it once you get the scoop on the insane technology that goes into reducing ovaling, droop, distortion, etc., thus giving you a shaft for big distance and precision stability. It's a mid/high-launching shaft, but manages to keep spin rates down. The result is serious distance and Tour-worthy control.
Specs: Available in three models, ranging from 58g to 79g in R, S, X flexes.
Project X
PXv 39
Key Features: At a crazy 39g (that's really light, folks), the PXv 39 is, according to Project X, the lightest shaft ever made for the U.S. market. It's light, but it's not meant to be taken lightly since it still has the same performance (stability, torsional control and feel) that you'd come to expect from a shaft that weighs one-third more than this one does. Even more impressive, despite being under 40g (before getting trimmed), it still promotes a relatively low launch.
Specs: Available in three flexes, all at 39g.
SK Fiber
Pure Energy
Key Features: Pure Energy is designed for today's oversized heads. The low to mid-high kickpoint and responsive tip help to reduce hooks and slices while adding distance. Sounds good, right? We don't put prices in our shaft listings (because they sometimes vary too much), but know that this shaft is a steal at $45. Really, it's a tremendous value.
Specs: Available in S, R, A, L flexes in 56g-65g.
SK Fiber
Key Features: The Wraith shaft is an ultralightweight shaft weighing in at just 50 grams (cut weight for driver). It's designed for players with a slow to moderate tempo seeking a higher launch angle. We dig the hardcore graphics and how light this shaft is! Better yet, it's designed to help golfers get the ball airborne for maximum carry distance. It's simple, really. A lighter shaft means you can swing faster. The Wraith helps you do just that.
Specs: Available in three flexes (S, R, A).


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