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Tour Blue & Green
Key Features: The new Tour Green & Blue from Aldila are both designed to maximize the power you have inherent in your golf swing—they make the best of what you give them, helping you hit longer drives with a mid-height trajectory. The Blue has much of the same technology as the Green, only with a softer tip section for a higher ballflight.
Specs: Both models come in a variety of flexes and weights, and also in hybrid shaft versions.
Claymore Series
Key Features: Although they're lightweight, the Claymore Series shafts incorporate a lot of the same design features that are found in heavier, stiffer long-drive shafts, meaning despite being lightweight, they're still remarkably stable and have minimal distortion through the stroke.
Specs: Available in three weight models (MX48, MX60 and LD), each in a variety of flexes for different swing speeds.
Motore Speeder 757
Key Features: The Motore Speeder 757 (also 661, 569 and 474) feature Triax Core Technology, "which is Triax three-directional woven graphite material on the inside layer of the shaft (vs. closer to the core), enhancing its contribution to increased speed and stability." In simple English, it means the Motore Speeder 757 is a premium shaft for a powerful, consistent low to mid-spin/mid- to high launch.
Specs: Available in four models in a wide variety of flexes and weights.
Key Features: There are three shafts (Pro 53, Pro 63 and Pro 73), each designed for the golfer who ultimately wants a mid-launch and low-spin ballflight. The differences are in weight, with the lighter shafts also more suited for slower tempos and the heavier (Pro 73) more suited for players with faster tempos. The Pro 73 Tour Spec is for players with fast swing speeds who want that mid-launch/low-spin flight.
Specs: Available in three models in various lofts.
Key Features: The original Blue was one of the most popular shafts of the last few years, and this version looks to follow with the same level of popularity. Look for a low-launch, no-ballooning trajectory with added control and stability. It's super-stable and easy to make hard swings without the ball ballooning out of control. We consider this to be a shaft for golfers with fast swings who want maximum distance.
Specs: Available in 60g and 70g in several flexes.
Graphite Design
Tour AD MT
Key Features: Designed with much of the same technology you'll find in the Tour AD DI, the new Tour AD MT has a stiffer mid-section and a slightly softer tip, which means it's better designed for today's driver clubheads that promote a low-spin/high-launch ballflight. Like every Tour AD shaft, the Tour AD MT comes in a wide variety of weights and flexes. We love the yellow.
Specs: Available in a huge spectrum of flexes and weights for almost every type of player.


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