Shafts Buyer's Guide 2007

The engine of every club is the shaft, and now is the time to get your engine running at top speed. Today?s shafts are, without question, better than ever.

Graphite Design YS-6+
(888) 707-6132

Graphite Design YS-6+ The mainstay of the Graphite Design shaft line, the YS-6+ is a premium quality composite shaft that works extremely well with today’s oversized titanium drivers.
Features: A low-torque mid-kick design that’s built from high-quality composite materials using Graphite Design’s top-notch manufacturing processes.
Advantages: Expensive materials and advanced processes lead to increased accuracy and a more efficient transfer of energy through impact for improved ball speeds. 
Benefits: A wide range of players who desire a solid blend of distance, accuracy and feel.
What We Like: Graphite Design’s great products without a lot of hype.
Material: High modulus graphite 
Weight: 65g-67g
Torque: 3.5˚
Flex Point: Mid
Flexes: X, S, R
Graphite Design Pershing
(888) 707-6132

Graphite Design Pershing Graphite Design’s latest flagship model was developed with versatility in mind. It’s a premium composite shaft that’s aimed at all players.
Features: The Pershing provides the “full monty” when it comes to features, including four weight categories, multiple tip diameters and a high balance point engineered for modern mega-sized driver heads.
Advantages: Multiple weights and slightly higher torque ratings make the Pershing extremely versatile.
The high balance point enhances feel while providing improved stability for oversized drivers.
Benefits: There’s a Pershing for almost any golfer, but this shaft will best fit low- and mid-handicappers.
What We Like: Great fitting options.
Material: High modulus graphite
Weight: 47g-62g
Torque: 5.8˚, 4.4˚
Flex Point: High
Flexes: X, S, R, RR
Graphite Design Tour AD Quattro Tech
(888) 707-6132

Graphite Design Tour AD Quattro Tech Possibly the most technologically advanced GD shaft, the Quattro Tech is specially designed to maximize stability for oversize drivers.
Features: A construction that incorporates a revolutionary 4-axis material made exclusively for Graphite Design. Slightly higher torque ratings for enhanced playability.
Advantages: The 4-axis material used to build the Tour AD Quattro Tech provides superior stability for oversize clubheads. The more force placed on the shaft, the more feel and control it delivers.
Benefits: All players, but the Quattro Tech is better suited to mid- and high-handicappers.
What We Like: A premium shaft that’s easy to swing.
Material: 4-Axis composite
Weight: 54g, 56g, 58g, 65g
Torque: 5.5˚
Flex Point: Low
Flexes: S, SR, R, RR
Harrison Mugen
(800) 347-4646

Harrison Mugen Harrison’s first ultra-premium model promises to be the company’s best.
Features: Innovative construction that features the fusion of Ultra Thin Ply (UTP) prepreg resin and satellite-grade graphite fiber, as well as the addition of single-walled carbon nanotubes that are embedded in the tip section of the shaft.
Advantages: The extreme strength of the fusion material as well as the carbon nanotubes combine to produce the highly desired high-launch, low-spin characteristic that all golfers looking for distance want.
Benefits: Any serious player who wants a very high-quality shaft with an extremely strong tip section for increased durability and feel.
What We Like: The combination of fusion materials and nanotubes.
Material: Graphite, Nano carbon
Weight: 62g, 72g, 82g
Torque: 2.8˚
Flex Point: N/A
Flexes: X, S, R, A
Mitsubishi Bassara
(760) 929-0001

Mitsubishi Bassara An easier-to-hit model from MRC that can be played by both Tour pros and weekend golfers.
Features: A softer bend profile and more moderate torque ratings than the Tour-intended Diamana Series, as well as three different weights to fit a wide range of players.
Advantages: Higher trajectory, higher ball speed and more distance are the goals that the softer overall bend profile and more torque accomplish.
Benefits: Recreational to better players with moderate swing speeds who want the feel and performance of a Tour-quality shaft but don’t want the extreme stiffness that normally accompanies such products.
What We Like: MRC quality in a variety of models.
Material: Graphite
Weight: 63g, 73g, 83g
Torque: 3.6˚-3.9˚ 
Flex Point: Mid
Flexes: X, S, R (L 63g only)
Mitsubishi Diamana Red Board
(760) 929-0001

Mitsubishi Diamana Red Board A Tour-level model that features a slightly softer tip section for players who want a higher shot trajectory.
Features: A more flexible tip than the closely related Blue Board model, as well as a construction that utilizes more than 20 different types of materials. 
Advantages: The softer tip section is aimed at making it easier for players to get the ball airborne and on a higher trajectory. It also makes it easier to produce a right-to-left shot shape. Accompanying low-spin rates complement the high-trajectory characteristics for max distance.
Benefits: Anyone who wants to hit the ball higher and longer.
What We Like: Mitsubishi getting serious in U.S. shaft market.
Material: Graphite
Weight: 63g, 73g
Torque: 2.8˚ (73g), 3.2˚ (63g)
Flex Point: Mid
Flexes: X, S, R (L 63g only)


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