Shafts Buyer's Guide 2006

The fact that golfers feel they need a $300 shaft upgrade says a lot about what these ultra-high-tech models can do for your game



Accuflex AccuLaunch Series
(800) 721-3342 | $N/A

Accuflex AcculaunchDesigned to match any golfer, these shafts are available in over 500 fitting options within 13 models.
Features: Four weight categories within 13 different flex/weight models, all tuned for optimal launch and spin conditions within each weight and flex profile.
Advantages: Because the series comes in a wide variety of weights, flex points and spin options, players can be properly fitted for their individual swing needs. Greater distance, improved accuracy and optimized trajectory are the end result.
Benefits: Just about any golfer who desires a shaft that fits their swing.
What We Like: The same quality throughout the line, from slow-swing models to low-launch designs.
Material: Nano composite
Weight(s): 50g, 60g, 70g, 80g
Torque(s): N/A
Flex Point: N/A
Flexes: X, S, R, A, L

Accuflex Evolution
(800) 721-3342 | $89

Accuflex EvolutionA high energy-transfer shaft.
Features: The Evolution features Nano Composite technology, which increases the surface area of the shaft. This effectively creates a tighter molecular structure by eradicating voids in the material.
Advantages: What this means for the golfer is a shaft with a lighter overall weight that has greater fiber density, making it stronger and more able to efficiently transfer energy than models with less-dense materials. In addition, the superior quality provided through Nano Composite technology creates more feedback and a better feel.
Benefits: Low torque, mid flex point designed for fast swingers.
What We Like: The high-quality materials and lighter weight.
Material: Nano composite
Weight(s): 70g-74g (X-R)
Torque(s): 2.8˚
Flex Point: Mid
Flexes: X, S, R

Aerotech SteelFiber
(888) 733-8988 | $N/A

Aerotech SteelFiberAn uncommon construction and blending of materials makes the SteelFiber unlike any other shaft. 
Features: A unique combination of steel and graphite fiber, extreme uniformity of shape and relatively low torque ratings.
Advantages: Typically, golfers associate steel shafts with control and consistency, and graphite with light weight and increased swing speed. The combination of materials in the SteelFiber shafts are aimed at producing both the control of steel and the power of graphite.
Benefits: Golfers who desire the ultimate control and consistency of a steel shaft, with the added torsional properties and feel of graphite.
What We Like: Best steel/graphite hybrid we’ve seen yet.
Material: Graphite, Steel
Weight(s): 65g, 75g
Torque(s): 65g—4.3˚-4.6˚; 75g—3.8˚-4.0˚
Flex Point: Mid
Flexes: S, R
Aldila NVS
(858) 513-1801 | $87

Aldila NVSSame technology as the original NV, but with a more responsive tip.
Features: High-quality Micro Laminate construction that provides increased consistency. A flexier, more responsive tip section gives players with slightly lower swing speeds more optimal performance.
Advantages: Micro Laminate construction makes the NVS more consistent and more capable of efficiently transferring energy throughout the swing and into impact.
Benefits: Players who want a Tour-quality shaft but with a more flexible tip section that will allow them to optimize trajectory and distance. Players who swing more than 100 mph should opt for the NV. 
What We Like: The performance.
Material: Nano carbon
Weight(s): 55g, 65g, 75g, 85g, 95g, 105g
Torque(s): 2.1˚ (105g)-4.4˚ (55g)
Flex Point: Mid
Flexes: X, S, R (A, L 55g only)

Aldila VS Proto
(858) 513-1801 | $N/A

Aldila VS ProtoAldila’s next-generation Micro Laminate Technology featuring carbon nanotubes produces the company’s ultimate performance model.
Features: Micro Laminate Technology makes a jump to the future with the addition of carbon nanotubes. Aldila’s proprietary A65 Performance Resin System also contributes to the overall performance of this advanced player’s shaft.
Advantages: The extreme strength of carbon nanotubes in combination with Aldila’s other impressive technologies makes the VS Proto extremely resilient and consistent, producing longer, straighter shots for those who can handle it.
Benefits: Stronger, more accomplished players who generate plenty of clubhead speed.
What We Like: Nanotechnology.
Material: Nano carbon
Weight(s): N/A
Torque(s): N/A
Flex Point: N/A
Flexes: N/A

Fujikura E300 Series
(800) 728-6420 | $135

Fujikura E300A company known for ultra-premium performance (and price) shafts offers a new, more affordable series that can fit almost any golfer.
Features: Available in 55g (350), 65g (360) and 75g (370) models, all of which are built with the extremely high-quality materials and processes expected from Fujikura. Other features include a relatively high kickpoint and stiff overall profile, as well as attractive ion plating.
Advantages: Range of weights and torques make the E300 Series perfect for clubfitting purposes. Fujikura’s top-quality materials provide outstanding consistency and distance.
Benefits: Golfers who want a more boring trajectory and mid torque.
What We Like: Top-notch Fujikura quality at a reasonable price.
Material: Graphite
Weight(s): 55g, 65g, 75g
Torque(s): 3.2˚-3.8˚
Flex Point: High
Flexes: X, S, R


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