Hot Shafts And Grips

The latest offerings will help you build a better game

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Designed for Tour players and avid golfers alike, the Whiteout adds a new white material to the upper hand area while maintaining the performance characteristics that make the MultiCompound golf's hottest grip. This high-performance hybrid grip provides comfort and responsiveness to the lower hand while the black BCT® cord provides moisture management and improved traction to the upper hand, giving the player the confidence to make a solid shot, swing after swing.

Available in 11 new, nonfading colors and a complete assortment of size options, the R.E.L. 3GEN provides golfers with an unrivaled selection of grip choices. The grips' distinctly minimal surface pattern helps maximize surface area contact with a golfer's hands, providing extra comfort and reducing the amount of grip pressure needed to maintain control throughout the swing.

Itomic it2 incorporates negative ions with a velvet surface, combined with a new proprietary, ultra-tacki, ultra-lightweight compound for a unique look and feel for golfers. Like the original Itomic grip, it's made from a revolutionary blend of thermoforming materials that are both durable and high performing in all weather conditions. 

The new WinnPro Wrap's polycord material is firm and textured while retaining excellent performance in damp conditions. The wrap design caters to players who like the classic feel of a wrap design. The new Dri-Tac (and Dri-Tac Wrap) grip is the tackiest grip Winn has made to date, with exceptional nonslip performance in all weather conditions.

The new Feeltec grips have a multilayer design and a seamless structure than promise a comfortable feel, added durability and weather resistance. The seamless design also improves the grip's shock absorp-tion for a better feel on both solid and off-center shots.

Made from the same proprietary rubber used to make the PURE black grips, every colored grip from PURE provides the identical combination of tackiness, durability, weather performance and feel that has made these grips so popular. Plus, the colored grips even go on with the same tapeless installation. PURE grips are available in red, blue, green, white, pink and black.

The new Widow Maker grips feature Softspikes' traction-inspired interlocking "S" pattern, Web Traction Technology and an aggressive, anti-slip traction design that creates more friction for faster swing speeds and more distance. The Widow Maker features a hybrid best-of-both-worlds design, a corded top for all-weather traction and a smooth consistently textured bottom for feel and performance. This new grip will be available in both standard and midsize models.

Although not a grip or a shaft, the Grip Solid is a our top pick for helping you make sure you take full advantage of a new grip/shaft combo. The FLEX BAR tech is placed in the palm of your grip to help ensure you place the club properly in the hands, and with the optimal grip pressure. Easy, convenient and a great tool for improving your grip.


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