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Grafalloy has cranked up the volume on its most popular shaft series of all time to develop the next-generation ProLaunch AMP. At the heart of ProLaunch AMP (Advanced Material Performance) beats the finest carbon-fiber materials available in a unique layup pattern to power long, straight drives. By incorporating Grafalloy's exclusive Axis technology, Grafalloy engineers were able to reduce torque while providing increased hoop integrity in the grip and mid sections for maximum energy transfer.

Miyazaki's graphite shafts have already seen multiple successes on the PGA Tour, and with two new shafts offered in the Kusala line, one can expect that number to increase even more. The new Kusala White produces a soft yet stable feel in the hands with a very active tip section for increased speed and trajectory. Though active in the tip, the unique flex code works well even with high-speed players. The indigo is a constant flex-code shaft that balances flex across the shaft. Its extremely stable feel and low to mid-trajectory is best for aggressive swings.

The K-Series profile utilizes the same Modulus Differential Technology (M.D.T.) found in the Fubuki Tour and Fubuki profiles in addition to Mitsubishi Rayon's latest innovation: the Power "Ninja" Core. This new technology allows Mitsubishi Rayon to incorporate a thin layer of metal into the butt section of the shaft to increase stability and maximize the power stored during the loading of a shaft, unleashing maximum potential energy to the ball at impact.

The new Proforce VTS line from UST Mamiya is the only shaft collection to include torque as a variable in the fitting process, beyond the standard weight and flex variations. Each model's weight/flex profile includes three torque options, allowing players to match the setup that best suits their unique swing DNA. Shafts are color-coded to indicate torque rating, with Black featuring the lowest torque, Silver in the middle and Red offering the highest. The benefits of dialing in on the proper torque include improved feel, higher ball speed, tighter dispersion and consistency.

The Nunchuk® Precision shaft by nVentix Golf is a one-size-fits-all graphite shaft that features Tri-Zonal Stability™ technology. According to the company, the shaft is designed to eliminate flexing, twisting and, consequently, drooping, resulting in tighter shot patterns, lower spin and a launch angle consistent with the club's actual loft. Golfers can expect to impact the ball with the "sweet spot" of the clubface every time, giving them the confidence to swing freely. Even at 103 grams, the counterbalanced Nunchuk shaft performs for all players regardless of varying swing speeds and attack angles.

The new KBS C-Taper Shaft has a Stiff Tip design for a lower ballflight, all while retaining a smoother feel through impact. This shaft also incorporates much of the same design tech as the popular KBS Tour, combining the Advanced MOI Constant Taper and Firm Shaft Design through the tip section. This means maximum energy transfer into the clubhead, outstanding feel and improved control—albeit this time, with a lower trajectory.


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