Hot Shafts And Grips

The latest offerings will help you build a better game

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Looking to recharge your golf clubs this off-season? Two of the quickest ways to add more horsepower to your clubs is to start fresh with some new grips and shafts.

Regripping your clubs is not only one of the easiest means to breathe new life into your existing set, but also one of the most affordable. For around $50, you can have new grips installed on all your clubs, or for a little less, you can do it yourself using double-sided tape and grip solution. In a matter of a few hours, your clubs will feel brand new in your hands.

Just remember, when deciding on new grips, don't forget that there are characteristics pertaining to grips that can do more than affect how well your hands stick to the club. First, assess the firmness level you want from your grips.
Typically, faster swingers or golfers who have a slightly firmer grip than normal will prefer firmer grips, whereas slower swingers and golfers with weaker grip pressure may prefer a softer, cushioned grip. Second, determine the texture that you like best. This might be your toughest challenge, since there are so many to choose from, ranging from velvet styles to corded, wrap or even multimaterial. And while there's no right or wrong answer here, choose the grip that you like best, not because it's popular with Tour players or other players in your foursome. Lastly, and probably most importantly, pay careful attention to the grip diameter and weight. Thicker grips tend to benefit golfers who have overactive hands and who want some added control. As for weight, a lighter grip can change the way a club feels, meaning if it's a lightweight grip, the clubhead may feel heavier. On the other hand, a heavier grip might make the clubhead feel lighter. In either case, again, there's no wrong answer for whether you want a thicker, heavier or lighter grip. The key is to remember all the variables pertaining to grips and find the right grip for your shot tendencies and personal likes.

If you have a little extra dough and want to take your club upgrade a step further, consider a new shaft upgrade.

Changing your shafts, whether it be in your woods and irons or both can make a huge impact in your ballflight characteristics and shot patterns. This is especially true if you get fitted for a new shaft, and learn that the correct type of shaft for your swing is nothing like the shaft you have had up to this point. As always, the key to getting new shafts is to get fitted first by a reputable, nonbiased clubfitter who can analyze both your swing and shot tendencies to determine the proper shaft flex, weight and length for your game.

Here's a look at a hot handful of new shafts and grips that will surely make a difference in how your favorite clubs perform.

The two hot new shafts from Aldila promise big power and control. First the RIP Phenom's Hyperbolic Flex Zone provides a stiff tip section for optimal launch and spin control, with a very firm butt section for an incredibly stable feel, while the center section of the shaft is softer to provide outstanding kick through impact to maximize ball speed. The ultralight, 44-gram NV Magnum offers optimum flex and torque characteristics for the better player while still maintaining the incredible feel that made the original NV the best-selling shaft in history.

The new Motore Speeder VC.2 Tour Spec still features Fujikura's proprietary and proven Triax Woven material along with Quadra Axis Composite creating 7-Axis Technology. This uniformity throughout the shaft assists with eliminating deformation yet provides the maximum amount of feel through the entire swing, increasing overall performance and stability. The Blur shafts take full advantage of unique and innovative design elements in every aspect of the shaft: It features Fujikura proprietary CAGE Technology, which is a new and innovative design methodology that allows us to create thinner, lighter walls with exceptional stability.

The G series performance characteristics favor a low- to mid-launch trajectory and mid-ball-spin. The new X Directional Technology—XDT—incorporates the use of the already proven Graphite Design MSI (Material Stiffness Integration) design method as well as this new and unique application of graphite-fiber alignment throughout the shaft structure. The result is a high-performance shaft with remarkable control, feel and distance.


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